Rescuing the Future: Soundarya’s Story

future of children In India, there are an estimated 15 million children serving as bonded laborers, many doing back-breaking work in rock quarries.

They have no freedom, hope or dreams. But with the help of our sponsors children like Soundarya have a brighter future.

You can also view Rescuing the Future: Soundarya’s Story on YouTube.

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  1. Heidi H. September 20, 2013

    This has always been a video that really spoke to me. The contrast between the girls dancing in their colorful clothes and the children working in the quarry is so stark. The moment that grabs me is when her father says, “She will not break stones”. Another reminder of the great importance of Compassion’s work.

  2. craig downs September 20, 2013

    Great story

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