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Jul 3 2008

I Hope

In my ongoing personal effort to not just blow by the Day of Prayer and Fasting for the millions affected by the global food crisis and get on with life, I have committed to doing a few things that maybe some of you would like to try too!

First of all, I have been trying…

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My name is Lisa Miles, and I have been a sponsor with Compassion for two years. My husband and I sponsor a 9-year-old boy in Ethiopia, and we have a correspondence child who is 17, also from Ethiopia.
I am not a Compassion exec or even a Compassion advocate (yet!), I was never a sponsored…

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Jul 2 2008


Isn’t it amazing how quickly time flies? Life moves past us with lightning speed. One big event after another appears on our calendars. We watch them approach, and when they arrive we mark them off. Then we’re on to the next big thing.
Within our families, it’s stuff like weddings and birthdays and soccer tournaments.…

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A co-worker of mine, Candace Perry, broadcast the following note to her Facebook friends Tuesday night. It’s striking.

It’s after work and I’m in my business casual, walking through the mall having just bought a not-so-scrumptious dinner of Sbarro’s pizza when I see a sad sight before my eyes.
A girl, probably about 12 years old,…

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Thank you to everyone who has made the commitment to fast and pray with us today. We’re nearly 6,000 strong.
Thank you to everyone who has helped spread the word about the day of fasting and prayer and about the global food crisis.
Thank you to everyone who has donated money to the Global Food Crisis…

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Jun 19 2008

Fasting and Prayer

I have been fighting poverty for more than 30 years and throughout that time I have never seen the potential for devastation that I see in the current global food crisis. I know it’s difficult to imagine that something like rising food costs could be so destructive. It’s not as if hunger rumbles like…

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In an effort to keep you from becoming emotionally disconnected …
This video, featured on, is the most effective video I have seen yet on the global food crisis, in terms of showing the awful reality of poverty.
As I learn more about this crisis, I am increasingly convinced that THIS – the global food crisis…

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June 25 is a day of fasting and prayer at Compassion. We’re fasting and praying for the children we sponsor, for their families and for our local staff and church partners in the developing world. We’re fasting and praying because the global food crisis is devastating many of their lives.

The price for rice, beans, corn…

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Jun 12 2008

Comfortably Numb

Have you ever repeated a word over and over in your head so many times that it eventually loses its meaning and starts to sound like nonsense? It happened to me the other day with the word “lemon.”
I said lemon so many times that it started to sound like a word I made up.…

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In response to the global food crisis, Compassion International has begun interventions for the countries we serve.
Last week we received this photo from Haiti, where they have begun distributing food kits for temporary relief to the families who have been hardest hit. These parents are waiting in line to receive their food kit vouchers…

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Jun 7 2008

You Decide


You helped us earn it. Now, help us spend it.
Where should the $817.40 donation from Search Kindly be applied?

Global Food Crisis Fund
Malaria Intervention Fund

Global Food Crisis Fund
The global food crisis is being called a “silent tsunami” that could plunge several hundred million people deeper into poverty and hunger.
Families living in extreme poverty often spend…

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May 27 2008

Global Food Crisis

My heart is very heavy with the sad news we are hearing about how the current global food crisis is affecting many of our Compassion children, their families and even some of our country staff. Although we are still attempting to determine where the greatest needs are and the number of children being most adversely…

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SUBJECT: Responses to One on One With Anthony Njoroge – A Letter to My Fans

Do you have a favorite Bible verse or story that has personal meaning to you?
Yes, I do. My favorite Bible verse is Lamentations 3:21-25. And if you read the whole chapter you’ll see why even more.
My favorite Bible story is the…

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May 13 2008

Silent Tsunami

Working at Compassion is hard on your heart.
When I purposely expose myself to the ugly things in life, I open myself up to possibility that my heart will be hurt. It’s a scary, vulnerable place, but it’s exactly where God has called me to be.
My heart hurt badly last week when I read this…

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I was feeling very bad for myself last week. My car broke down on the side of the road late one night. That same day I had picked up my car from the mechanic. And poor poor me, my husband had taken our other car to the shop that day — so he couldn’t come…

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Embarrassing Fact: Each time I’m about to take a trip, I start humming “Leaving on a Jet Plane” all day long for at least a week before I go.
I’ve been planning a trip to Haiti for several months, and this small Caribbean country has gotten to me. I’ve studied up on the language —…

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