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Will You Help Us …

Will you help us say thank you to Tammy Chalfant, who organized the first ever Compassion Sunday event at Farmland Friends Church [3] (FFC)?

71 children now have sponsors.

Please tell [4] Tammy and her pastor, Kris Sorensen, how much you appreciate their work.

And Shaun Groves too [5]. He spoke at the event, and he’s a TIRELESS advocate for children in poverty.

Then, take a hop over to SearchKindly.org and help us win $1,000 [6]!

SearchKindly is a non-profit organization that donates 100% of its ad revenue to charity. This month Compassion is competing against four other charities for the donation. And right now, we’re in SECOND place with $500 on the table. But the amount goes up every time someone visits the website.

Please visit, and please vote [6]. The contest ends “sometime” on Sunday, April 27.