My Favorite Thing My Sponsor Wrote Me Was…

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  1. DIANE ALBERT May 6, 2020

    I sent my sweetie Fosnet in Uganda $100 and she sent me a photo of her posing with the GOATS she purchased!!!! So happy!

    1. Mackenzie May 6, 2020

      Diane, thank you so much for blessing Fosnet, especially during these really uncertain times! God bless you! 💙

  2. Debbie Brewer September 29, 2019

    I just received my first letter from my child in Thailand. Her favorite toy is a doll. Can I send her a doll myself or do I send money so that you guys can buy a doll for her? I know I’m gonna send the money before October 31 so she’ll get it in time for Christmas I just wanted to be sure that she gets a doll.

    1. Sierra September 30, 2019

      Debbie, thank you so much for thinking of your child and for wanting to get a special gift just for her! Sadly, due to high shipping costs and high risk of theft, we do not accept packages for your sponsored child. However, you may send a monetary gift, and suggest that it be used for a doll. Ultimately, how gift money is used is up to her and her family, and there may be a more pressing need they use the funds for, but you can be sure that whenever you send a gift to your child, it’s being used to benefit her in the most personal way possible. 🙂

  3. Takiya Harrell September 6, 2019

    I love it my when girls tell me that they are doing well in school, that their family is well and that they love me.

  4. Summer morrow July 17, 2019

    I love when she asks me questions.

  5. JustMe May 3, 2019

    I love getting Sheila’s letters, and she has been sending me a hug for at least the last 3 or 4 letters now, and she usually says “God bless you and your family”. She also said that she prays for me. What a treasure this friendship is! <3

  6. Rachel October 4, 2018

    I love that I read she is praying for me and that school is going well. I also was so blessed to read that she wants to meet me because she knows that I love her!! Praise God.

  7. Celena Johnson September 24, 2018

    I love getting letters from my children. Even though neither of them can write (one is two and one just turned 5), they send me little drawings that I adore! Someone updates me on their progress and gives me a little information about them. I am anxiously awaiting the time little Hari will be able to write his own letter. I am excitedly waiting for updated pictures, I want to see if my little Pornpimol has grown any hair in the last year. And I am excitedly waiting that next little drawing. It amazes me that I can stand in my home in the US and be holding in my hands a little drawing created by the tiny hands of a child in a third world country! Compassion, you are doing great things!

    1. Christina September 24, 2018

      Hi Celena! I hear your great love for your sweet kiddos! We are tremendously grateful for the difference you are making in their lives! God bless you!

  8. M. den Blaauwen September 2, 2018

    My 12 year old boy from Ethiopia:
    “I love you so much, you are my real family and that is because you give me the love and care a child would get from a parent. I got the letter you sent me and the things you say makes it clear that you care so much about me. God bless you, I love you so much….”


  9. Missy Voigts March 1, 2018

    My favorite things that a sponsored child has written to me was many years ago. He was a little boy in Africa, probably around 10 at the time. I had sent him some sticker sheets. He wrote that when he saw the gift, he “ran about with great joy with love for you“ and he said that he shared the “transfers“ with his friends and his friends “loved my sponsor a very great deal’! LOL Guess what I sent him right away after receiving that letter?! More stickers! LOL

    1. Shannon March 2, 2018

      Hi Missy!
      Thank you so much for sharing your sweet letter from your child! It is truly incredible how something we see as so small and simple, can make a HUGE difference in their lives and makes them feel so loved! 🙂 Thank you for loving your child well! -Shannon

  10. Theresa Angeletti February 20, 2018

    My 16 year old in Columbia says that he is very glad to know that I pray for him. It makes him feel safe….. It breaks my heart when I realize just how “unsafe” his world is- and that I can be blessed to be there with him and pray for him- he is the best and his words makes me remember to pray even harder because it IS important!

  11. Theresa Angeletti February 20, 2018

    My 16 year old in Columbia says that he is very glad to know that I pray for him. It makes him feel safe…..

  12. Stephanie Aguilar February 13, 2018

    I recently got a letter from my 9-year-old boy in Haiti. It was written on his behalf by his stepdad, but he told me that he is very happy with the way I write to him and talk to him. My words of encouragement are actually making a difference!! It warmed my heart when he told me he prays for me. I gave a nickname to my 4-year-old girl in Mexico of “Princess”. In a letter I was told that her Mom now calls her Princesa and she loves that. It warms my heart to know that in some little way I am present with those kids in their homes, just as they are in mine….pics on the frig and everything.

  13. Shannon November 8, 2017

    My little guy, Piero, always draws me a picture. I hang them in my office so I can see them every day. They are a great reminder to pray for him throughout the day. He’s still too young to write anything for himself and I look forward to the day when I receive the first words written with his own little hand.

    1. Shannon November 8, 2017

      This is so sweet, Shannon! What a wonderful way to remember to pray for your sweet child! Thank you so much for being such a wonderful sponsor! God bless you! -Shannon 🙂

  14. Kathy November 1, 2017

    My favorite thing my sponsored child in Tanzania write was a few years ago when it finally sunk in for her that I truly cared about her and was committed to helping her the best that I can. She wrote “Your love is like a ring on my finger. Your love has no end because it comes from God who has no end.”

  15. Open heaven October 25, 2017

    Am not a sponsored, but I love putting laughter on the face of kids, I have seeing kids happy, I believe one day I will receive a sweet letter from one of the kids I have helped, am looking forward to that day, as I enjoyed all the sweet stories shared here.

  16. Deanna October 8, 2017

    I have been sponsoring Heidi, who just turned 9 a few days ago, for almost 11 months now. I read how important it is for these children to receive a letter from their sponsor so I try to send a letter every 2 weeks. I had sent many letters before I received the first form letter back from her & I was getting discouraged. Over these past 10 months I have received 4 form letters but each one contains more information than the last,with pictures drawn by Heidi and a hand-written letter, & now the last one, 12 pages in all!, with pictures of what was purchased with a family gift I sent, pictures of her with her parents, her dog, and a meal she was eating. I had previously sent her a picture of a typical breakfast I eat, pictures of a houseplant I had that was blooming, and my dogs. Come to find out, her mother had a cactus like the one I sent the picture of that was blooming. I think you have to try lots of different things that you might not ordinarily think were interesting to get them to find something that prompts them to open up, especially the younger ones. When I sent the picture of my breakfast, an English muffin with butter and a banana, it seemed kind of silly but when I got the picture back from her of her breakfast of rice & lentils, fresh cheese, & plantains, I was elated. One of the pictures she sent me was of her bedroom & there was a picture I had sent of myself in her first letter that is hanging by the head of her bed so she remembers to pray for me every day. I work at a church so I have sent pictures of my desk that shows her picture & my son’s on it, and pictures of the church & the people I work with. I initially sent some pictures of my home, outside & inside, but I try to focus on other things that show how we are alike. Sometimes I don’t really have anything I can think of to write about but I just tell her that I was thinking about her & tell her about the weather or something like that, just so we have the continual contact. She is praying that God will provide a way for me to visit her one day.

    1. Wendy Hunter December 9, 2017

      Thank you Deanna for your encouraging letter. We have been sponsoring a girl for a few years now. Even though I am not a real fun-kids person, I wanted to do this. But I don’t feel like my letters are connecting with her very well. From reading the letters here, I can see that others feel similarly. Maybe I just need to think about what I would have wanted to hear when I was her age. 🙂

  17. Jason September 29, 2017

    We have enjoyed letters from our child. What I like is learning things we happen to have in common! We also like the little details of his life. So far, he has answered our questions and we have answered his.

  18. Ann September 12, 2017

    I am so blessed to receive letters from my sponsored children. CI said that sponsors will get up to 3 letters a year, I say, if you write your child every month, chances are, you are going to receive more than 3 a year. I receive at least 9 to 13 letters a year for most of my children. They love writing me back as much as I love writing to them. I love to hear about their progress and dedication to do well in school. One sponsored child wrote that school is hard but he is doing his best. I let him know that I am praying for his success.

  19. Karen K August 23, 2017

    One of my older girls just told me in her most recent letter, “I love you so much”. How sweet and touching that was. One of my younger girls told me I am like another mother to her. It is also touching when they thank me for sending them letters and for “everything” I do for them. (I wish I could do so much more!) It is encouraging to hear the older girls talk about wanting to pursue a career as a nurse, a teacher, and a mid-wife. One of them loves to draw and her pictures are always a gift. I am also anxious to get personal correspondence from the younger girls as they grow. When I sponsored through World Vision, the boy from India’s mother and father both wrote to me at times when the boy was away with relatives on school break. That was very enlightening and enjoyable to feel that connection to his parents.

    1. Shannon August 24, 2017

      Hi Karen,
      Thank you for sharing this sweet story with us! We know that letters truly do make your relationship with your child special. Thank you for taking the time to build a strong, loving and caring relationship with your children! We appreciate all that you do!

  20. Rebekah August 21, 2017

    You should do another article on favorite things that kids write to sponsors.I have so many favorite things that the kids write to me too! My little boy in Uganda is such a ham! One time, I wrote to him asking him to pray for my hometown because we were experiencing forest fires. He wrote: “It is absurd to hear that you’re surrounded by smoke from the forest, but why is it that there is a factory in the forest that is always bringing out smoke?” (I never mentioned a factory, haha 🙂 In his most recent letter, he wrote, “[I have] recieved a lot of your letters and have much to share with you, and for that matter, [I] request you come visit one day in Uganda.” Such a sneaky and cute way to try and get me to come visit….he won’t answer my questions unless he sees me in person. He is such a cutie. God bless him, I love him so much!
    Another one that touched me (in a very different, more serious way), was when one of my little girls who is orphaned wrote “Recently, my project held a Mother’s Day. It was a day to respect mothers. However, my mother is not here anymore and I missed her a lot then I cried. I went back home and thought about my mother. But I know I have you who cares for me. This encourages me to move on.” My heart just breaks so much reading that! But I feel so blessed that God can use us as sponsors from such a great distance to help a little girl without a mother feel less alone and more loved in her hard times.
    God bless everyone!

    1. Christina August 22, 2017

      Hi Rebekah! I just loved reading your comment! Hearing you speak about your sweet children, your love for them is so evident! I was smiling ear-to-ear reading about your cheeky Ugandan boy’s letters 😊. What a sweetheart!! My heart breaks 💔 to hear of your precious girl without a mom, but God works in amazing ways! It’s amazing to read about how God has used your love in this girl’s life when she has needed it the most 💖. It’s such a blessing how much love and joy our precious children’s letters can bring us 😊. Thank you so much for sharing! God bless you and your life-changing relationships with your kiddos!

  21. Terri P. August 19, 2017

    We received a beautiful letter from our child, Violin, telling us that she loved us and was praying for the Lord to bless us. Now that our own children are grown and busy with their careers, it brings great joy to our hearts to know that this precious child is praying for us. Somehow, this seems to close the distance between our two continents knowing that while we are praying for her, she is also praying for us.

    1. Elaine Ledlow November 4, 2017

      This is one of the things t hat touches me. Our girl from Kenya has gone from drawing pictures in the beginning to writing. She signs off as our loving daughter. I hope to meet her and her family in Kenya.

  22. Gloria August 16, 2017

    I’m trying to write our sponsored child using the online tool and getting a privacy error every time. I’ve never had this problem before. Is there a problem with the program?

    1. Sarah August 16, 2017

      Hi Gloria! I am so sorry that you experienced this issue when you were trying to write your child this morning. We have been able to fix the issue, and you should be able to write that letter now. If you continue to see the issue, please let us know!

      1. Gloria August 16, 2017

        Thanks for your response, Sarah! I’ll try again tomorrow.

  23. Joanne August 15, 2017

    What touches my heart is when William mentions my children by name. He has told me that he’s praying for (my daughter) Reagan as she studies to be a nurse. He has told me he’s praying for (my daughter) Ally, as she was getting ready to deliver a baby. He obviously pays very close attention to what I write, because he knows their needs, and where they are in life. The sweetest thing William has told me is that he loves the picture I sent of “Baby Jack and his mother.”

  24. Jennifer August 15, 2017

    I like to hear about what my children were able to buy for themselves with our gifts. I enjoy when they respond to the questions I asked in previous letters. I love to hear about their dreams and goals, as well as problems they are struggling with because it helps me know how to pray specifically.

  25. Larry August 15, 2017

    I can not wait until I get real letters from my almost two 9 year old girls instead of form letters. I get no responses to questions I have asked.

    1. Gloria August 17, 2017

      Same here. Our sponsored child is six so he completes the form letter/questionnaires and draws us little pictures, which we love. We’re middle-aged, no kids and I work in an office so we don’t have major news each time we write him. And our lives are probably pretty boring on a six-year-old level! 🙂 We ask a lot of questions about his life, family, customs, school, etc but so far no answers. I’m hoping that when he is older we can have a more conversational exchange.

    2. Gloria August 16, 2017

      Same here. Our sponsored child is six and we’ve received a few drawings he has done and he’s answered the questions on the form letters. We’ve sent newsy letters about us and asked him questions but received no answers to our questions so far. I can’t imagine that we are very interesting to a six year old (we’re middle aged, no kids with boring office jobs, haha!), but I would love to know more about his life and interests. Hopefully as he grows it will become more of a conversation than it is now.

  26. Bethany August 15, 2017

    In my sponsored child’s most recent letter, he called me “beloved” Bethany. That meant so much.

  27. Robine August 15, 2017

    My favorite part of receiving a little from our girl Angel is the pictures she draws. I like so much finding a letter in my mailbox from her.

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