Follow These Children on Their Risky Trek for Clean Water

Children living in poverty around the world get clean water in all kinds of ways. Some are blessed enough to have pipes deliver water directly to their home. But some children — especially those who live in more remote and rural areas — face quite an adventure to gather their daily water. We invite you along with Stevi and Arnold on their daily trek for clean water.

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40 Questions to Ask in Your Letters for Every Season of the Year

Do you sometimes find yourself in a letter-writing rut? Need some inspiration for writing letters to the child you sponsor? Look no farther than your calendar! Here’s a list of questions to ask your sponsored child based on seasons and holidays.

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How Does Giving a Gift Help People in Poverty?

Have you ever given a Family Gift to the child you sponsor — or thought about giving one? Read the heartwarming stories of just a few families whose burdens have been lifted by the generosity of sponsors through a Family Gift!

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What Happens to a Girl When Her Relatives Are All Prostitutes?

A remarkable story of protection, redemption and forgiveness

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5 Inspiring People Building a World With Gender Balance

These five ordinary but inspiring people are proving that through the collective actions of us all, we can create a world with gender balance.

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10 Prayers of Children That Will Melt Your Heart

The prayers of children are ever so simple yet ever so profound.

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How To Use Your Facebook For Good

Have you ever thought of how to use your Facebook for good? You can share encouraging posts. But here’s a way you can use it to change a child’s life!

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Learn from President Bush How to Make an Impact on a Child’s Life

You don’t have to be a world leader to have a big impact on a child’s life. Hear the touching relationship between a young boy in the Philippines and President George HW Bush.

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5 Ways to Be a More Consistent Letter Writer This Year

It’s a new year, and you have bright plans to write the child you sponsor more. Want to know some easy ways to help this important habit last all year?

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Claiming Her Right to Protect the Rights of the Underrepresented

Asha has dreams of becoming a lawyer to help those in her community who need it most. She believes that nothing will stop her, but she’s facing incredible adversity to achieve it. With your help, she will.

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4 NEW Ways to Pray for the Child You Sponsor in 2019!

If your prayers are starting to lose weight and emotion, these NEW ideas on how to pray for the child you sponsor will help you deepen your talks with God.

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Top 10 Compassion Blogs You Loved the Most in 2018

This year, you’ve shared in incredible stories of hope, love and triumph against insurmountable odds.

Together, we prayed for rescue from disastrous cave floods to child slavery. Told personal accounts of overcoming harmful cultural taboos and physical disadvantages. But we also had a lot fun, sharing some of the beautiful places and things the kiddos you sponsor find most special.

Here are the stories you read and shared the most in 2018!

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