How Often Should You Write to the Child You Sponsor?

You just wrote your first letter to the child your sponsor. Now what? When can you send your next letter and how often should you write to him or her?

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How to Fight Defeatism About Poverty in the World

“Every group of people I ask thinks the world is more frightening, more violent, and more hopeless — in short, more dramatic — than it really is,” says Hans Rosling, author of Factfulness. What contributes to this sense of defeatism about poverty and how we can fight against it?

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The Unique Way Men Are Helping to Fight Period Poverty

Young women around the world are affected by what’s referred to as period poverty. Being unable to afford feminine hygiene products can lead to serious problems for these girls. But this community in Uganda is combatting period poverty – even the men are getting involved to support their wives and daughters!

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10 Possessions Kids Living in Poverty Treasure the Most

From remote, isolated tribal communities to bustling cities and crowded slums, 10 children in our Child Development Sponsorship Program share the possessions they treasure the most. Their answers are sure to make you smile!

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Joy to the World: The Anthem YOU Can Share

Christmas is near — giving us peace, cheer and bringing much joy to the world. But its greatest gift is something special that we just have to share!

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Pastors Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Impact of Your Letters

Pastors from our church partners around the world share just how your letters are making an incredible impact in the life of the child or teen you are sponsoring.

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This Is How Grace Lives Without Limits

Many in Grace’s community saw her disabilities as a curse and even suggested to take her life. But her mother would go to great lengths to ensure she was safe, loved and could live without limits.

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This Is What Happens When Child Sponsorship Equips Pastors

Pastors from our local church partners around the world share seven surprising things your support makes possible and the lasting impact they are able to make when they are equipped by child sponsorship.

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#SponsorSelfieDay Is Sept.15: Join the Global Movement!

#SponsorSelfieDay is coming on Saturday, Sept. 15. Join the global movement by posting a selfie or video on social media with a photo of the child you sponsor to show how simple it is to help change the life of one child living in poverty!

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The Lasting Impact One Church Made in a War-torn Community

In the wake of war brought on by Joseph Kony and the LRA, this village in Uganda was left in devastation and great need. Until the church, in partnership with Compassion, stepped in to transform their community.

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Who Helps the Children Write Letters to You?

On today’s Compassion Letter Club blog, meet the dedicated tutors at Pentecostal Child Development Center in Honduras. They’ll encourage you in your letter journey with a behind-the-scenes look at letter-writing day and how they help the students connect with their sponsors!

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