October 10, 2017 15 Successful Compassion Alumni Share About Life After Sponsorship

15 Successful Compassion Alumni Share About Life After Sponsorship

We know child sponsorship works, but don’t just take our word for it. Meet these inspiring and successful Compassion alumni as they share about life after sponsorship. They are tangible proof that the cycle of poverty can be broken…one empowered youth at a time.

June 06, 2015 Conversations With Alumni

Conversations with Alumni: Welcome to the Future [VIDEO]

They were selected for our program when they were young, they were sponsored, they successfully graduated…and now, they are fulfilled and responsible adults. Watch this candid conversation with a few alumni as they reflect on their shared experiences growing up around the world.

July 07, 2015 What Not to Wear Njenga Maina

Conversations with Alumni: What Not To Wear [VIDEO]

These alumni didn’t have to worry about what not to wear when they were in the Compassion program. Listen in on their favorite memories about the clothes from their childhood.

July 07, 2020 smiling woman

Compassion Alumni on the Impact of Sponsorship

[…] pastor encouraging you to sponsor a child, to your co-worker who thinks it’s a scam, to our invitations to sponsor, and everything in between! But what do those who were sponsored as children think of child sponsorship? We caught up with five alumni of Compassion’s program to get their reflections on the impact of sponsorship.

July 07, 2014

Compassion Alumni Maina and Wanjiru

As our Alumni scholarship initiative comes to an end, we celebrate our final two scholarship recipients, Daniel Njenga Maina and Anthony Njoroge Wanjiru. Each graduate shares about the ways that God has impacted their lives through Compassion’s ministry.

July 07, 2015 Proof Keewani Vallejo Cook

Conversations with Alumni: Proof That’s Real [VIDEO]

[…] privileged to work, you will find the same holistic program being implemented. But you don’t have to take my word for it…. When this group of nine Alumni sat down to visit with one another, most having just met that day, they shared so many common experiences of the Compassion program even though they […]

June 06, 2015 Fan Factor Julian Alum

Conversations with Alumni: The Fan Factor [VIDEO]

[…] comes alongside the struggling families to help show these precious children how loved and valuable they are. This week in our special video blog series, Conversations with Alumni, catch a glimpse of just how influential Compassion program staff were in the lives of a few alumni. MEET THE ALUMNI All the incredible folks in […]

December 12, 2021 A young man wearing a blue shirt and jeans sits down outside. He is writing a letter.

We Asked Alumni to Write 1 Final Letter to Their Former Sponsors

[…] much of a difference in their lives. And that’s why I wanted you to see the video below. Earlier this year, we sat down with several Compassion alumni, and each of them composed one final letter to their sponsor. They spoke the words that they never got to express when sponsorship ended. I think […]

July 07, 2015 Don't Write

Conversations with Alumni: What if I Don’t Write My Sponsored Child? [VIDEO]

[…] and birthday cards to sending gifts or even taking a trip to visit him or her. This investment in relationship with your sponsored child is where the alumni and research consistently says the lasting difference was made in changing their story! This week in our special video blog series, Conversations with Alumni, hear a […]

July 07, 2015 What's For Dinner

Conversations with Alumni: What’s for Dinner? [VIDEO]

[…] child who is hungry can focus on schoolwork, learn basic hygiene, or hear that Jesus loves them? This week in our special video blog series, Conversations with Alumni, listen in as the alumni, from six different countries, talk about their similar feelings about “what’s for dinner” and their experiences being provided food at the […]

July 07, 2013 Man standing next to shelves with bottles.

Compassion Alumni Becomes an Entrepreneur Success Story

People love and respect David. Almost everyone calls him when they need veterinary services for their animals. Neighboring villages also seek out his help.

July 07, 2018 Do My Letters to the Child I Sponsor Actually Matter

Do My Letters to the Child I Sponsor Actually Matter?

Your letters to the child you sponsor matter! But don’t take our word for it. Watch these Compassion alumni talk about what letters from their sponsors meant to them in this month’s Compassion Letter Club.

January 01, 2017 Who Is Making History in the World of Poverty?

Who Is Making History in the World of Poverty?

[…] What better way to start off 2017 than by taking a look at some stories that highlight the people and developments that are are making history in the world of poverty? From new technology, to thousands of new sponsors, to Compassion Alumni fighting corruption, here is what we think is “Totally Worth It” this month.

April 04, 2016 Hope for the Abused

One Shy Little Girl Becomes Hope for the Abused

With a big smile on her face, Compassion alumni Lety greets every person who walks by. It is hard to believe that this same confident businesswoman was once a very shy girl with no dreams.

April 04, 2013 The Power of a Letter

The Power of a Letter

Esther and Marcos work at the Compassion office in Lima, Peru. They are both Compassion Alumni. Angie has just recently been sponsored. The three of them taught Pastor Ken Burkey about the power of a letter.

February 02, 2012

A New Generation of Sponsors in Colombia

Staff and Compassion Alumni around the world are sponsoring children themselves. And now we have our very own Advocate in Colombia, María Ximena Marín!

April 04, 2019 Christine stands with her arms behind her head, wearing an African-style dress and looking into the distance

25 Years After Genocide in Rwanda: 3 Astonishing Stories of Forgiveness

[…] 25 years since the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. How does a country move forward from such trauma? Though the cruelty and pain of this tragic event are unimaginable, the Rwanda of today is unrecognizable from the horror of ’94. Read the moving stories of three Compassion alumni choosing radical forgiveness instead of hate.

April 04, 2013 Finding Forgiveness After the Rwandan Genocide

Finding Forgiveness After the Rwandan Genocide

Compassion Alumni Methode was 6 years old when he witnessed the 1994 Rwandan genocide, a systematic massacre of more than 1 million people of the Tutsi ethnic group.

December 12, 2011 Filipino children in classroom

Ministry Highlight: Philippines

[…] registered. We have been blessed to experience a number of notable milestones in the Philippines. First, the Leadership Development Program began in the Philippines, then the first local alumni association was organized. After Typhoon Durian hit in 2007 we became more aware of the challenges natural disasters bring. With this disaster, the Country Office in […]

May 05, 2019 A woman in a pink shirt, jeans and a baseball cap sits on a turquoise bike on a roadside, with a sign behind her that reads, "Trekking, Canyoning, Rafting, Tubing," etc.

7 People Who Defeated Poverty With Their Sponsors

Read the stories of just a few people whose lives have been transformed, thanks to the support of their sponsors. Be inspired and encouraged that you are coming alongside young people just like these as they work to craft a future of purpose.

February 02, 2012 Ugandan flag

Ministry Highlight: Uganda

[…] Development Program, and the Child Survival Program followed in 2006. We are privileged to have had many new programs and innovations begin in Uganda. For example, the second Alumni Association was started here and the Child Survival Program was piloted here. In addition, we celebrated the 1000th Leadership Development Program graduate in 2009. Country Director […]

February 02, 2012 colombia culture

Ministry Highlight: Colombia

[…] skills so that the children can develop skills that will help them earn an income in the future. Also, trainers are readily available to teach these skills. Alumni Activities We have launched an Alumni Association in four cities around the country. There is a national alumni leadership team responsible for coordinating the work of the chapters […]

August 08, 2016 We Are Family

Cole LaBrant and John Grice in Bolivia

[…] the qualities are additional. The other qualities you develop as time goes by. With them we learned a lot. And from the children we learned a lot.” Alumni Who Give Back Faddy is an Alumni who was enrolled when he was seven years old and graduated the program at 19. He was sponsored by […]

August 08, 2013 two men and child praying

Life Without God is Meaningless

[…] become accessible to everyone. “My interest to safeguard the needy has not changed.” This is one of the reasons he is now the coordinator of the Compassion alumni association in La Paz city. The Leaders in Action group, as they call themselves, is currently made up of 20 young professional men and women, active […]

December 12, 2018 Your Best Letter-Writing Questions and Answers of the Year

Your Best Letter-writing Questions and Answers of the Year

This year, we asked your most burning letter-writing questions to those in the know! Here are your best questions and answers of the year.

September 09, 2011 Haiti facts photo

Ministry Highlight: Haiti

[…] foreign language classes, etc.The choice of programming for adolescents depends on the resources available in the community and in the interest of the children. Child Sponsorship Program Alumni Activities The alumni group has existed since August 2000. Members are involved in our ministry doing things such as talent shows, knowledge competitions and art contests. They […]

September 09, 2011

Ministry Highlight: Brazil

[…] technology, and office skills. There are many adolescents who are now self-supporting as a result of their vocational training in the child sponsorship program. Child Sponsorship Program Alumni Activities Some Implementing Church Partners promote alumni events, but there are no country-wide events. Some alumni volunteer or work as employees at the child development centers. […]

August 08, 2021 Warda, in a yellow scarf and green hat, is standing in front of laundry hanging on clotheslines outside her home.

Incredible Facts About Compassion I Didn’t Know Before Interning Here

[…] ones who innovate and bring change to their own communities as a way to give back. (For some great examples, read these blog posts describing Compassion’s awesome alumni and how they have defeated poverty!) Known, Loved and Connected I hope this post has expanded your knowledge of Compassion International. But even beyond that, I […]

September 09, 2009

Christian Blog Video Sitemap

Current as of October 15, 2014 International Day for the Eradication of Poverty: Leave No One Behind (10/14/14) Does My Sponsored Child Know My Name? (7/30/14) Compassion Alumni Maina and Wanjiru (7/27/14) Compassion Summer Intern: Putting a Face on Poverty (7/10/14) The Power of Words (7/8/14) Bring Jesus Home (6/29/14) It’s For the Kids […]

August 08, 2014 team constellation group

Team Constellation: Take 2

[…] is this team based in the Philippines? We wanted to find adult graduates of our program who could help serve U.S. sponsors. The Philippines has a strong Compassion Alumni Association, and we were able to use this network to find quality candidates for the job. Since English is one of the primary languages in the […]

January 01, 2020 A man stands in a gray shirt in front of snowy hills, smiling at the camera.

He Grew Up Hungry. Now He Fights Hunger With Science.

[…] Today, my heart flows with endless gratitude. I am so glad my story can reach so many other selfless sponsors. Thankfulness is all I and the other alumni are filled with. We are so thankful for Collins’ story. Though he grew up in hunger and extreme poverty, he will now be the one ensuring […]

January 01, 2012

Ministry Highlight: East India

[…] are offered at the development center. Certified courses such as computer training, motor vehicle repair and electrician training are offered at nearby recognized institutes. Child Sponsorship Program Alumni Activities The Alumni Association meets twice a year to focus on spiritual development and to reconnect the students with one another. Parent Involvement Parent meetings are […]

December 12, 2011 Ethiopian children in classroom

Ministry Highlight: Ethiopia

[…] which works with Christian university students. The regional coordinators assist new Leadership Development Program students in finding a mentor and many are mentors themselves. Leadership Development Program Alumni Group There is a Leadership Development Program Alumni Association but it is not extremely active because the graduates are scattered throughout the country. Meetings and activities […]

March 03, 2012 Kenyan schoolchildren in classroom

Ministry Highlight: Kenya

[…] CEOs and human resource personnel from various companies. In the past, some of our Leadership Development Program graduates have found jobs through these connections. Leadership Development Program Alumni Group The Leadership Development Program Alumni group is actively involved in meetings where they discuss and plan their outreach programs of giving back to their communities. […]

June 06, 2017 Joel Macharia: The Best Wealth Kenya Has is its Human Capital

Joel Macharia: The Best Wealth Kenya Has Is Its Human Capital

[…] just pursue jobs. They can create them! Our children are growing up in interesting times with a wealth of opportunity and information. We have more than Compassion alumni in Kenya who are already making a difference. And with Joel’s leadership and the hard work of the staff at Compassion Kenya, that number of alumni […]

February 02, 2017 Totally Worth It: Give Love. Receive Love. Repeat.

Receive Love. Give Love. Repeat.

[…] 2 – WICHITA, KS March 3 – CEDAR RAPIDS, IA March 5 – COLORADO SPRINGS, CO Check out The Rock & Worship Roadshow’s full tour schedule! Compassion Alumni Giving Love Back An Alumni Love Story Worth Celebrating We couldn’t think of a better story of receiving love, giving love and repeating it than the […]

November 11, 2016 Totally Worth It: Reflecting on What's Good

Totally Worth It: Reflecting on What’s Good

[…] more than 8,000 miles apart are woven together by tragedy. A New Life For Betty The path to forgiveness comes to one mom through her child. Compassion Alumni Worth Celebrating Meet Gaby: a 20-year-old caring and determined woman. We’re completely blown away by Gaby’s story because it makes us reflect about our own circumstances […]

November 11, 2021 Mike Donehey, wearing a gray t-shirt and denim jacket, sits at a coffee roastery. There is a brick wall behind him.

Musician Mike Donehey Shares Why (and How) He Writes to the Kids He Sponsors

[…] that we construct so that we and other people can cling to them when we need them.” That analogy is similar to the way many children and alumni describe letters from their sponsors. They’re like lifeboats keeping them from drowning in hopelessness. So whether writing songs or writing letters, Mike realizes he’s throwing a […]

September 09, 2021 Man carrying a young boy on his shoulders

Watch: A Compassion Storyteller’s 4 Favorite Videos

[…] Compassion alumnus from Rwanda. His story of survival, loss, heartbreak, anger and ultimately, forgiveness, is a testament to the incredible healing power of God’s love.”  Sponsor a child Compassion Alumni on the Impact of Sponsorship 25 Years After the Rwanda Genocide: 3 Stories of Forgiveness Man carrying a young boy on his shoulders New friends

June 06, 2016 Comfort Found in the Words of Her Sponsors

Comfort Found in the Words of Her Sponsors

[…] in their life. This month, instead of sharing ideas for what to write, we want to tell you a story from the perspective of one of our alumni of the true and lasting impact those encouraging words actually have. Longing for Happiness La Fragua, Zacapa, located east from Guatemala City, is known for being […]

February 02, 2016 Do

Do My Letters Make a Difference?

[…] times, the realization comes as you see the child you sponsor transition and mature from one letter to the next. For others, it’s hearing stories of our Alumni and how their lives were transformed by the words spoken into them through their sponsors. On every trip we go on, we hear the same thing […]

February 02, 2015 letters to teenagers

How to Write Letters to Teenagers

[…] Challenge. One thing we need to remember as our sponsored children grow older is that they still appreciate the letters. Don’t believe me? Listen to these Compassion alumni as they share letter-writing advice and how much they still appreciate what their sponsors wrote. Follow the Letter Writing to Teens board on Pinterest for more […]

June 06, 2014 experience compassion conference

Experience Compassion Conference: Colorado Springs 2014

[…] to engage in your own ministry releasing children from poverty. Our national Experience Compassion Conference is being held in Colorado Springs on June 27-28, 2014. Meet sponsor alumni from India, SATISH KUMAR, engage in worship led by the ROBBIE SEAY BAND, hear from powerful speakers such as BRUCE WYDICK, DR. SCOTT TODD and Compassion […]

February 02, 2021 A girl wearing a yellow shirt is holdng a sickle in one hand and a plant she harvested in her other hand. Other people are behind her and are helping with the harvest.

Extraordinary Teens in Ethiopia Help Farmers Save Crops During Locust Crisis

[…] hope-filled, Christ-centered ways. Photos and reporting from Ethiopia by Tigist Gizachew. This story originally appeared on Compassion Canada’s blog. Facts About Ethiopia COVID-19 Update From Ethiopia Compassion Alumni on the Impact of Sponsorship Youth in Ethiopia volunteer to save local farmers’ crops during locust crisis A girl wearing a yellow shirt is holdng a […]

April 04, 2014

Our Little Ones Aren’t So Little Anymore

Over the past 60 years more than 1 million children have experienced Compassion. Now, these “little ones” aren’t so little. You can also view the Compassion International Global Alumni video on YouTube.

January 01, 2021 A group of beneficiary children are standing outside with their heads together and are looking down at the camera.

How These Sponsors Raised $120,000 for Children in Poverty

[…] of the event — raising money for people living in poverty. In addition to speaking about Compassion before the event, some years including testimony from Compassion program alumni, we set up a table on the course staffed with Compassion volunteers. The personal interaction at the hole generates additional donations to the ministry, particularly in […]

December 12, 2009 You Foster Generosity When You Give a Christmas Gift

Christmas in Indonesia

[…] the sermon, the Christmas child choir celebrates their anniversary as a part of the church ministry. They celebrate it by exchanging gifts, initiated by one of the alumni of Compassion’s sponsored children who led this child choir. Her purpose was to allow many of the less fortunate children to be able to express their […]

December 12, 2012 it is possible

It Is Possible!

Think back to the moment when you heard the news that one of our Compassion Alumni and Leadership Development Program graduates, Margaret Makhoha, had been elected as a member of parliament for Namayingo District, Uganda. Perhaps like me, you felt like a stake went in the ground. A sense of great possibility swelled within […]

May 05, 2020 A man poses in a blue superhero cape

How These 4 Heroes Are Helping Kids Right Now

[…] work going on to ensure children are fed and cared for. Even exhausted and in pain, Pastor Roberto is dedicated to helping others. BONUS: Read about Compassion alumni who are acting as healthcare heroes during this time! Survival heroes are ensuring moms give birth to healthy babies, even during a pandemic! Many pregnant women […]

June 06, 2008

Wess Speaks (Part V)

[…] university students before I go. We already have that many qualified students, but we just need the money to put them through college. Third, I want the alumni associations to expand. If we were to gather Compassion’s kids together, there would be standing room only in the biggest stadiums, and I can’t wait for […]

April 04, 2020 Tony Beltran holding a picture of himself when he was a child

Compassion Graduate: From Shoeshiner to National Director

[…] hope. My prayer is that his story does the same for you. If you’re interested in hearing more stories of hope, watch videos of two other Compassion alumni who have escaped the cycle of poverty in Jesus’ name. WATCH THE VIDEOS Photos by Avery Sass. Effects of Poverty on Children How Child Sponsorship Helps […]

July 07, 2012 woman sitting between two young men on bench

Three Unexpected Surprises

[…] of 24 years. We expressed our appreciation for one another and to God for our successful partnership. Jeanto, the program director at the center, is a Compassion alumni as well. I am so proud of these three young men! Our next venture was to return to the mountains to visit the boys’ childhood home. […]

March 03, 2020 A girl throws her head back and smiles.

Compassion Graduate: Here’s How to Get Through Uncertain Times

[…] by these words, go through Njenga’s whole devotion! You can also find devotions by two additional Compassion graduates, Jonathan Almonte and Kiwi Vajello. Year of the Bible alumni Hearing from Heaven Trusting the Lord When Life Falls Apart New to Faith: Allowing God to Transform Your Life Girl in Kenya Devotion on Uncertain Times: […]

June 06, 2012 girl holding up handbag

The Determination of a Young Female Entrepreneur

Estrika is a Leadership Development Program graduate in Indonesia who is passionate about small business and causes that benefit humanity.

July 07, 2017 Family Activities: How to Crush Boredom Together as a Family

How to Crush Boredom Together as a Family

[…] the sights and sounds of a child growing up in poverty in a country where we serve. Every story is true. They are stories told by Compassion alumni who received support from a sponsor and graduated from our program. A small word of caution: Some of the stories might contain a few elements (stories […]

October 10, 2009

Philippines Milestone: 50,000 Registered Children

[…] Merlyn, Cyrene has a different hope for life. With her sponsorship*, she has been given a chance to follow in the footsteps of thousands of successful Compassion alumni who have gone through our programs through the years; the chance to follow in the footsteps of: Sarah Jane, a Compassion alumna who is now a […]

December 12, 2011 mountain in Guatemala

Ministry Highlight: Guatemala

[…] to reinforce the students’ concern for our planet and future generations. Mentors In order to help students find mentors, we ask our staff and Leadership Development Program alumni to become mentors. We also ask former mentors if they would be willing to volunteer again. If necessary, we ask the field office staff for recommendations of […]

January 01, 2017 2016 Annual Report: Why We're Stronger Together

2016 Annual Report: Why We’re Stronger Together

[…] this past fiscal year. It also includes detailed financial information, celebrates another incredible year of our Child Sponsorship Program, and brings you three stories of sponsored children, alumni and their families that are filled with hope, triumph and blessing. We’re grateful to God and to you for strengthening our ministry to care for children. […]