A hand holds a book on a beach

Our Top Picks for Thoughtful Summer Entertainment

Media influences the way we see the world around us. It can shed light on our current cultural moment in a meaningful way. It has the power to spur us on to be people who seek justice, love mercy and walk humbly with our Creator God. With summer here, there’s more time to watch movies, read and enjoy music. We put together a list of great content that will help you and your family meaningfully incorporate compassion and justice into your summer media list.

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A girl in an orange dress stands in front of a leaning tree.

Ethical Fashion: How to Alleviate Poverty By Changing How You Shop

The fashion industry can have a profound impact on the lives of people living in poverty. Here’s how you can help make positive change.

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A girl runs toward the camera.

Children Answer the Question “What Makes You Happy?”

Children are good at finding joy in any situation, aren’t they? That’s why we asked Compassion-assisted children from across the globe to share with us the things that make them happy. We pray this will inspire you to look for the little things that you can praise God for today.

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How to Be an Effective Social Media Slacktivist

How to Be an Effective Social Media Slacktivist

Before you post, re-tweet or change profile pictures in reaction to news, consider these 7 ideas on how to take the “slacker” out of social media slacktivist.

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5 Bible Verses to Give You Hope in Hard Times

In challenging and uncertain times, we have the source of all hope in our corner. All we have to do is turn to his Word and read the stories of hope written in the Bible to remind ourselves of God’s character and his faithfulness. Here are 5 bible verses and the stories behind them to bring you hope in the midst of difficult times.

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Aarti Sequeira cooks in a kitchen.

Food Network’s Aarti Sequeira: What I’m Cooking and Learning Right Now

Aarti Sequeira is a TV personality, cookbook author and a Compassion sponsor! Read on to find a favorite recipe she’s created while staying at home, and what she thinks God might want to teach us during this time.

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Five girls wear red dresses, laughing and standing in front of a green wall

Our Message to the Class of 2020

For this year’s graduating class, the COVID-19 outbreak has meant the cancellation of proms and graduation parties and commencement ceremonies. While closing this chapter looks different than any of us expected, we wanted to honor this time of transition by delivering a commencement address for the class of 2020. Together, we both mourn and celebrate with you.

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Mother holding flowers with child hugging her

18 Beautiful Quotes About Moms

Let’s pause to celebrate moms. Enjoy these beautiful photos of and quotes about moms — from both great thinkers and sponsored children around the world!

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Flowers made from cardboard egg cartons

5 Free and Fun Family Activities to Do at Home

Need some fun family activities to do at home? Here are five great ideas to keep your family learning, growing and playing.

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boy walking with a stick

6 Surprising Ways to Practice Gratitude in Quarantine

We’re living in unusual times, and a lot of us are really struggling. Gratitude is not the first thing that comes to our minds, but it has the power to transform the way we experience this hard situation. What does gratitude look like in quarantine? Here are six ideas to help you practice gratitude!

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A tired girl leans on a fence in Burkina Faso

Compassion Fatigue in the Time of Coronavirus

The broken state of the world and sheer number of things requiring your compassion can cause you to reach a state of numbness and apathy. When you just stop caring because you simply cannot care anymore. But as Christ-followers, this is not the place we want to stay. Here are ways to prevent compassion fatigue and find our true soul’s rest in Jesus.

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Two children holding hand walking along railroad tracks

9 Expert Tips for Resolving Conflicts While Staying at Home

Many of us are occupying small spaces with more people than usual. Others are feeling completely isolated. Regardless of your context, I’m sure you’re facing unique challenges. We might be “socially distanced,” but we still need to interact and connect with others if we’re going to thrive. So how can we embrace the hard conversations we need to have during this time, and even grow closer to each other through it? Here are nine tips to help you resolve different types of conflict in this unique season.

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