The Shunammite Woman: A Faith-Inspiring Devotional

Shunammite woman: A woman wearing a green head scarf holds a smiling boy wearing a green shirt in her arms.

This devotion about Elisha and the Shunammite woman by one of our staff at Compassion Ghana will inspire you to muster up faith when faced with tragedy!

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Brokenness Before God

Brokenness Before God: A teenage girl sits, with a solemn look on her face, wearing a white and black striped shirt

The word “brokenness” refers to the state of surrender and defeat we experience when hardship comes into our usually steady and painless life. No one enjoys the feeling of brokenness, but the powerful benefits it brings to our spiritual growth are immense.

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group of smiling children

At the End of the Day

We spend most of our day caring for kids we don’t know, wondering why more people don’t do the same, and standing with one foot in a sea of desperate humanity, and one foot in an ocean of blessed grace.

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man and woman standing outside a church

United by One Statement

We are serving the Messiah, the Son of the living God. That’s who we are; we are one by this undeniable truth.

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the wise men

Modern-Day Wise Men

The wise men in the nativity came to honor the God-child. You, our sponsors are modern “wise men” who come to honor the God-image in each child.

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an image of a nativity scene

He Became Poor

Dignity is still so important, even in such dire conditions.

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metal shelter and rocks

One Changed Life

At age 2, Claudio was an orphan, desperate for love and daily care yet without food, electricity, or hope.

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four smiling children

Children Becoming Kings and Priests

Together let us strive to spread the Good News so that more children know they have a special calling and destiny—to be saved, to be kings and priests!

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dirt road on hillside with a few buildings

God Cares

The home of Jorge and Richard wasn’t safe. Their father, in particular, was very abusive, and the cigarette burn marks on the faces of the boys were the horrific evidence of that.

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it is possible

It Is Possible!

Leaders of integrity, honesty, wisdom, courage, and deep faith are rising up and taking their place. Now more than ever, our world needs them to step out of the shadows of obscurity.

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homes in a city in a developing nation

A Pear and a Prayer

Tears poured down Cesar’s face. He was ready to give up. You could feel it in every fiber of his being.

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three children lying on the grass

Just in Time

We are a team focused on one goal: to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name. Let us therefore unite in spirit and purpose to accomplish this goal.

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