Thank You for Advocating for Children in Poverty in India!

Thank You for Advocating for Children in Poverty in India

Over the past week you – sponsors, donors, child advocates, partners and friends – have sent more than 33,000 letters to Congress ahead of Tuesday’s testimony by Compassion before the House Foreign Affairs Committee! Here are four important facts that have come out from the committee’s hearing.

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How You Can Advocate for Compassion’s Program in India

Advocate for Compassion in India

Due to the government of India’s decision to restrict Compassion’s funds from reaching our partners this year, many of our centers in India are are at risk of permanent closure, leaving more than 130,000 kids – the most vulnerable of India’s population – even more vulnerable. But on Dec. 6, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives will hear testimony from Compassion about the situation with the Indian government. And your voice could help us find a resolution. Will you help us advocate for the children and communities we serve in India?

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