It Takes Humility to Be One

Children in a classroom with one eager boy raising his had to answer the teacher

While listening to his teacher, Andy figured out that there are three kinds of pride.

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Having No Ego

Young boy washing the feet of his little brother in Guatemala

James wrote that a holy life is gentle and reasonable, overflowing with mercy. Mercy is possible only as we have no ego — no inflated sense of our self-significance.

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open bible with children pointing at text

Christian Love and Confrontation

As Christians, if we truly love one another as Jesus says we ought, then we need to be willing to pursue loving confrontation and be willing to humbly accept correction.

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two women sitting on bench talking to each other

Five Principles for Sharing the Gospel

The most important call upon our lives is to make disciples. Whether we are Sunday school teachers, preachers, mothers, fathers, friends or co-workers, we all have been given the same mandate from the Lord to go into the world and be witnesses of Him.

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men standing inside a church praying

A Spirit of Service… and Humility

We know what we are: Sinners in need of a Savior and saints who are called to serve. Our sinfulness and saintliness are the primary reasons we need humility.

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crucified Christ

Son of the High Chief

The son of the High Chief, knowingly or not, showed his friends an image of what Jesus Christ did for each of us when He went to the cross. He stood between them and the evil one, who wanted to hurt them.

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