You’re Never Too Old to Learn

woman reading a book to children

Julienne grew up with the belief that her ability to learn, her wisdom and her knowledge had all been drained by her twin sister who, on the other hand, always did well in school.

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Grow in the Lord With a Good Book: The Hobbit

Black and white poster titled Hobbit with mountains and a sunset in the backgroundntains and a sunset titled Hobbit

Whether J.R.R. Tolkien’s story of Bilbo Baggins’ adventure is familiar or foreign, few can question the genuine pleasure reading it imparts.

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a book titled the Armageddon Factor

Grow in the Lord With a Good Book: The Armageddon Factor

How would better understanding non-Christians’ fears about Christianity change how you live out your faith, if at all?

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a book with a bent over page sitting on a rough wood shelf

Grow in the Lord With a Good Book: Knowing God

Over the next few weeks we want to encourage you to read a few good books that will benefit your walk with the Lord in 2013.

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Two girls sitting on a mat playing

Living in Manila: A Day in the Life of Jessa

Nine-year-old Jessa lives in a tiny hovel situated within a crowded squatter community in metro Manila. She wakes up at 4 a.m. and it is still dark at this time of day. But inside Jessa’s home, it is always dark.

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group of young children sitting around table

Homeless No More: One Haitian Mother’s Story

Forty-year-old Jesula was a homeless lady who slept at the church daily. While staying at the church one night, Jesula heard about the Child Survival Program.

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Outliers Need Opportunity to Succeed

Malcom Gladwell’s latest book, Outliers, doesn’t mention Compassion once. But it’s still about what Compassion does: We transform lives by giving children in poverty opportunities to succeed.

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