Conversations with Alumni: Proof That’s Real [VIDEO]

I know you’ve thought it. I’ve thought it. If we’re being honest, we’ve ALL thought it…

Is this child real?

Does this whole sponsorship thing really work?

Where is my money really going?

When you walk into a Compassion program at any of our local church partners in any of the 25 countries where we are privileged to work, you will find the same holistic program being implemented.

But you don’t have to take my word for it….

When this group of nine Alumni sat down to visit with one another, most having just met that day, they shared so many common experiences of the Compassion program even though they were from all over the world – India, Dominican Republic, Uganda, Peru, Kenya, and Philippines.

Listen in, and maybe even go back and watch all of the videos in the Conversations with Alumni series, because you’ll hear how across various cultures, poverty contexts, and countries the investment you’re making into the life of a child is real.

You’ll see and hear proof that child development through sponsorship works.

Enjoy this final glimpse into the shared experiences of the program that became favorite memories – life-changing realities even – of these alumni…


Moses Ashaba studied law in Uganda, and went on to get his Master’s in Law from Temple University in Philadelphia. After growing up with a single mom and seven brothers and sisters in Uganda, this is a huge accomplishment. Especially considering he and his siblings were constantly turned away from schools and had to travel from place to place attempting to gain an education. But Moses says Compassion put him on a new path.

Philadelphia, PA is currently home to Moses and his wife, Christy. He hopes to use his law degree to work toward restoring peace, eradicating injustice and protecting human rights within his community and around the world.

Proof Moses Ashaba

Being sponsored through Compassion made it possible for Keewani to receive an education and a university degree, which released her from the poverty she grew up in. With a genuine heart for people and a strong desire to provide help and healing, Keewani Vallejo Cook thrives in her work as a physical therapist.

Keewani and her husband, Terry (who is an incredible chef), live in Dallas, Texas. She plans to pursue further studies and earn a doctoral degree in Physical Therapy, and dreams of developing a foundation that enables Filipino therapists to pour back into their country.

As an alumna of the Compassion program, Keewani partners with us in various ways advocating for children to be released from poverty in Jesus’ name. She loves to inspire young people and adults to grow in their relationships with the Lord.

Proof Keewani Vallejo Cook

At the beginning of this six-week series, we welcomed you to the future. We hope you remember that building that future through child development takes time.

The alumni you see in these videos were once young children that only wrote simple letters to their sponsors. Your investment is for the long haul. Thank you for partnering with us and believing in the future of child!

Catch up on all six videos in the Conversations with Alumni series!

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  1. Joe Boylan April 12, 2017

    Great article Maggie! Yes, I have wondered those first 3 questions myself. It’s interesting to read the alumni profiles.

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