Who Have You Invited to Your Table?

Who Have You Invited to Your Table?

For years I traveled to the countries where this ministry serves children living in desperate poverty. I’d sit and listen to the children and their families’ stories. The gap between us seemed so wide even though we were sitting right next to each other. But then we’d share a meal. And the gap couldn’t stand up to this act of breaking bread.

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Conversations with Alumni: What’s for Dinner? [VIDEO]

What's For Dinner

“What’s for dinner?”

It was the first question that popped out of your mouth when you got home from school as a kid. You secretly hoped for something different than last night and if you were lucky….you got your favorite meal!

Although my family had a short season of eating red beans and rice (Louisiana girl here!), for most of our dinners, I still had other things for breakfast and lunch. Most of my life, I had access to all sorts of food and snacks.

The story is very different for children in our program. Our local church partners reach out and enroll those in the most need. And sometimes that means little ones who may not have enough food for even one meal, let alone three meals a day.

When you invest in the life of a child, you partner with us and the local church in their holistic development. The most basic part of a child’s development is their physical body.

Providing a well-balanced meal or snack when they attend the program is just the start of addressing their physical development, but this start is critical.

What child who is hungry can focus on schoolwork, learn basic hygiene, or hear that Jesus loves them?


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