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As a stay-at-home mom of three girls, ages (almost) 6 and under, my To-Do lists are never ending. Yes, you read right — list(S). When I don’t get them done, which is quite frequently, I feel lazy, discouraged, and just plain ole’ not good enough.

Thankfully, I am aware that Satan is just trying to deceive me again. So I turn to the One who can get me through those feelings — God.

Sometimes those lists gets smaller, my energy goes up, and I’m not so discouraged if everything seems to not get done in time.

And sometimes it doesn’t. Boy does Satan love what happens next — I doubt myself and God. Did He hear me? Am I not good enough in the eyes of my heavenly Father? Maybe I ticked Him off (by snapping at my kids, the dogs, and my husband) and he’s giving me the silent treatment. Hmm … Perhaps I didn’t pray the right way?

Then I really start to wonder: If Satan is trying to deceive me, then you can bet he’s trying to deceive those who are truly suffering: those without food, medical attention, water, clothing, the list goes on and on.

Just a little background as to why I think this.

I have always felt that my sponsored children’s faith was stronger than mine. They have so much hope. They seem to always be positive and thankful. I figure that Satan would try to deceive those who have a stronger faith.


Because whenever something goes “wrong” for me, I start to complain:

My daughters and I had ear infections awhile back and our doctor is an hour and a half away. I complained.

Or, my husband had to work late and I had made dinner to be ready for him when he got home. I complained.

Or, “Mr. Fast and Furious” speeds past me, but I am the one who gets pulled over by the policeman for going 5 miles over the limit. I complain.

I know I should be giving thanks to God that we have a doctor, my husband has a job, I have food to prepare, I have my own mode of transportation, and that He will hold other people responsible for their actions.

It seems like even though my sponsored children are living without basic necessities, they’re so thankful for what they DO have. They know what it truly means to be without — they see God working in big ways, because they have so little.

Whereas, since I have more and live with so many more opportunities, I don’t see (or it’s harder for me to see) how God is working.

So, I pray for those who know what it is like to suffer. I pray for my sponsored children.

One of my favorite verses is Isaiah 54:17 – “No weapon formed against you shall prosper.” I pray that my sponsored children will be protected from any weapon — sickness, hunger, thirst, violence, loneliness, discouragement, fatigue and deceit. That those weapons would crumble into dust as my Savior protects them.

After praying for THEM, my lists don’t seem all that important. In fact, my focus has, more often than not, turned toward another piece of paper, one that will contain the words to build up my sponsored children’s self-esteem and to help them battle Satan’s lies. I write my sponsored children and assure them of God’s infinite love, of how special they are, and how proud I am of them.

Interestingly enough, I find that as I write those words, God speaks to my heart as well: God loves you, He hears you, and you are His beloved.

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  1. Carol April 25, 2009

    Brittany, your heart is so beautiful. You are such a blessing to everyone God puts in your path… including me!

  2. Jenny April 24, 2009

    Brittany, you make so many great points. I’m one of the best complainers (and drama queens) around…but thinking about how much folks have to go through just to survive each day really puts my complaints into perspective. And like you said at the end: God loves the children, and us big children, too.

  3. Britt April 23, 2009

    @Mike Stephens – No list? I LIKE THIS!! 🙂

  4. Britt April 23, 2009

    @Sarah – Lol…I will keep that in mind!!! Thanks 🙂

  5. Mike Stephens April 22, 2009

    Sorry to not put this in the post above. Lord help Brittany to realize there is no list!!!

  6. Mike Stephens April 22, 2009

    God help Brittany overcome all her to do lists and be more than a conqueror over the lists, so she is free to do as she chooses!!! So the lists become easier than breathing!!! Hallelujah!!!

  7. Amy April 22, 2009

    What a beautiful post, Brittany! I am really proud of you!

    You make so many great points. I can be such a complainer at times, especially when things aren’t going “my way.”

    This definitely makes me take a step back and see all of the things (and people, and resources) that I have been blessed with that my little Marsel has not.

    In his latest letter, he thanked me for the Christmas gift we sent him. He bought two outfits with it, and was so proud.

    Great job, sweetie! You have such a big heart. Thanks for sharing it!

  8. Mike Stephens April 22, 2009

    I agree!!! Thanks for the prayer!!! The Sponsor and the sponsoree definitely have battles to fight!!!

    I Peter 5:7 “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for YOU!!!”

  9. Dwight April 22, 2009

    It is a very interesting prayer. After my first visit to a 3rd world country I found myself so much more thankful for what we have.

    But it is also easy to romanticize poverty. When I visited…everyone seemed so happy and thankful… but in part it’s because they had visitors. After my visit the letters changed and become more honest; even as a Christian poverty is hard and often hopeless. The child I visited had a father that abandoned the family…the child struggle to forgive him. She had to remember to trust in Christ every day, just as we have too. 🙂

  10. Sarah April 22, 2009


    While raising three kids, now 19, 17, and 13, I’ve often remembered my grandmother’s advice, “Don’t worry about having too much to do, worry when you don’t have enough to do!” It always puts a smile on my face.

  11. Amy Wallace April 22, 2009

    Thanks for this Brittany! I know God has used my sponsored children to encourage me when I’m struggling. Sponsorship is not just a blessing to them – it’s a blessing to us too!

  12. Mindy Marcus April 22, 2009

    This is an amazing reminder that God has blessed us. I, as a student, have so many lists, papers, projects, meetings, tests, dates, and etc. that I begin to complain. But then I think of the kids who don’t get to go to college and receive an education like I am, or the kids who don’t have a fridge stuffed with food. And this humbles me, and brings me to my knees to praise God and pray for my sponsored boy and those who need it!!

    Thanks for the reminder!

  13. Lindy April 22, 2009

    I love your thoughts, Brittany!!

  14. Jill Foley April 22, 2009

    Awesome Brittany!!

  15. Juli Jarvis April 22, 2009

    Nice post! Thanks!

  16. Jill April 22, 2009

    This is a great reminder of perspective. Thank you!

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