What Poverty Tourism Gets Wrong

A woman selling beans on a street in Kibera, where some people go for poverty tourism.

Is poverty tourism just a harmless way to gain insight into what it’s like to live in poverty? Sidney Muisyo explains the underlying and deeply flawed messages that slum tours are based on and can further ingrain in us. He also explains how you can visit an impoverished community in a way that is mutually honoring and beneficial.

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25 Reasons to Praise God This Christmas

A boy wearing a Santa cap lays on the ground with his face resting in his hands, smiling.

Are you ready for some good-news stories before we celebrate the ultimate Good News of Jesus’ birth? You won’t want to miss these beautiful snapshots of the amazing work God is doing through sponsors and the local church around the world.

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Technology in Developing Countries Phone

Technology in Developing Countries

How does my sponsored child’s family have cell phones, TVs or access to Facebook when they are struggling to meet basic needs? This is the kicker – the question I get over and over. The simple answer is that families in developing nations do not view cell phones and other technology as luxury items. They view technology as a needed tool for survival. And they can acquire these tools for much cheaper than we think.

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Albinism in Tanzania top blogs 2015

Albinism in Tanzania: Saving Grace

Being born with albinism in Tanzania can be dangerous. Thought to possess magical powers, people with albinism have been hunted and killed for their body parts. This is Grace’s story.

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Hydrocephalus Philip Top Blogs 2015

They Told Me To Leave Him By the River

When his brain started to swell to the point that 5-year-old Joseph couldn’t hold it up or even walk, a local spiritualist told Afua to leave him by the river to be claimed by a river god. That’s when the local church stepped in.

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Step Into My Shoes Top Blogs 2015

Can I Try On Your Shoes?

How much is enough? What happens when our thirst for more gathers momentum and seems never to find its end? Do we replace our understanding of what we need with the things we want—-and lose touch with gratitude and contentment in our search for more?

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Invisibility of Poverty Top Blogs 2015

The Invisibility of Poverty

We’ve all been stuck at that red light, and despite our best efforts to avoid it, there we are: eye-to-eye with a person with a sign. Poverty is uncomfortable. And sometimes, it’s just easier to look away and pretend we can’t see.

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What To Expect When You're Expecting Top Blogs 2015

What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Three women from three vastly different countries and cultures reveal their shared fears and hopes of motherhood as well as the impact of the Child Survival Program.

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picture of a woman holdinFair Trade Tea Top Blogs 2015

The Business of Fair Trade

The words fair trade get thrown around a lot. But what does it really mean? Can for-profit businesses really be a part of helping to alleviate poverty and advocate for human rights?

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Lost in Translation Top Blogs 2015

Letter Writing: Lost In Translation

When we wrote the blog post “30 Adorable Things Kids Say,” it was no surprise we saw a great response from you on the blog and Facebook about the joy contained in the letters you receive from your little family member in their far away land. Even through separation of distance and culture, you are developing a beautiful and genuine relationship. Your sponsored child’s letters contain more than just words. So to make sure the cute things they say never get lost in translation, here is our latest infographic to use as a fun and handy translation guide!

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Talking About Africa Top Blogs 2015

A Short Guide to Talking About Africa

As a U.S. citizen, I’ve heard many reactions to my nationality as I travel to other places. A few gems: “We love Americans!” “We hate Americans!” “You can print your own money at an ATM.” “You’re all fat.” People have ample opportunities to see the United States in news and entertainment, so they have ample opportunities to form opinions of us — for better or for worse.

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woman with three children

Best Of: The Value of Family

From why sponsorship benefits a family living in the developing world, to an entire family embracing their sponsored child, the value of family is a theme you will often see woven into the stories we share. We took the liberty of choosing some of our best family related blog posts for you.

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