11 Beautiful Photos of the Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

Two women drink coffee, smiling at each other.

One of the things many of us are missing right now is the chance to have long talks with good friends over a cup of coffee. The Ethiopian coffee ceremony is an important social event that brings communities together. These beautiful photos will help you experience it yourself!

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How to Make Ethiopian Coffee

Watch how moms make Ethiopian coffee from roasting beans and grinding in a press, to brewing in water and being enjoyed by all.

Jesus Takes His Coffee Black

No matter if we are giving on His behalf for someone in our own neighborhood or across the world: Jesus chooses us to demonstrate His love to those around us!

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How Would You Define Your Relationship with Food?

In A Place At The Table, author Chris Seay proposes that we spend 40 days in a fast with a unique twist: eat what our sponsored child eats. And in the process, recapture gratitude and a sense of solidarity with the poor.

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The Incredible Creations of Thai Coffee Artists

Thailand is full of coffee artists. Wherever you go for a cup of Joe, they try to outdo their coffee competitors with creative patterns and swirls of blended foam.

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Giving Up Coffee for Jordano

Our Contact Center recently received the following email from Sarah W., a brand-new sponsor. She sponsored her first child on March 25, 2011. We love receiving emails like this.

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