Catching the Rain

two girls carrying bucket to rain barrel

Compassion Blogger, Faith, Life and Compassion won third place during Blog Month by writing from the perspective of a child living in extreme poverty.

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Are You Ignoring Their Prayer Requests?

man plowing field behind cattle

My sponsored child asks me to pray for his studies and please pray for rain for the crops. I toss the letter on the couch and move on with my day. I’ve read it all before and as a city girl the request for rain means little to me.

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bare feet

Life Without Shoes Stinks

How many people do you suppose stay inside and can’t go to work on days filled with rain or storms, all because they don’t have a pair of shoes? How many kids end up with diseases that kill or seriously threaten their health, all because of a disease or fungus they picked up while navigating the streets in their bare feet?

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Was My Sponsored Child Affected by That Crisis?

In a perfect world, here’s how the process would work:

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farmland with rows of plants

What is Want? (Understanding Want)

Hunger and want are so unreal and unknown to us that we don’t even blink an eye at it because the want in the world is unknown or not personal to us.

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Doing a New Thing

It is officially my last Tuesday in the office, and I am … speechless. Where did the last six weeks go?

Despite the fact that there are only three days left in this work week, it feels as though there is two weeks worth of work to be done. I will be putting the finishing touches on the proposal today and will be presenting it to the marketing “big-wigs” on Thursday.

The presentation is weighing heavily on my mind for a number of different reasons. For starters, it will be the first, and potentially only, chance that I have in front of such an influential audience here at Compassion.

Secondly, I simply want to do well. This project is close to my heart and I want to do it justice. I don’t just want to sell it. I want to inspire my audience to feel as passionately about it as I do and see the vision that I have for it. I don’t want them to merely associate this proposal with “the intern’s project,” but instead I want them to think that “this is where Compassion could go; this is what Compassion should do.”

While there are other matters that seem to float aimlessly around in my thoughts, the most important and imperative at the moment is the question of my immediate future. I have applied for several positions here at Compassion, (more…)

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