Sample Letters: 6 Sponsor Letter Examples to Inspire You

sample letters

For sponsors who know the importance of letters but aren’t good with words, all the encouragement to write can bring on the guilt. Feel guilty no more – here is a solution for you!

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Living Close to the Line

heavy traffic on city street

Do you push the limits and drive as close to “just over” the speed limit as you dare? Or, do you arrive as late as you can to meetings?

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Why Is It So Hard to Say Goodbye?

I grieve today for the child I’ve lost. The relationship has ended. He’s left the Compassion program. There’s nothing I can do. And he’s not even really mine; I’m the correspondent.

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man plowing field behind cattle

Are You Ignoring Their Prayer Requests?

My sponsored child asks me to pray for his studies and please pray for rain for the crops. I toss the letter on the couch and move on with my day. I’ve read it all before and as a city girl the request for rain means little to me.

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open laptop sitting on couch

Missionary on the Couch

Pastor Jack Haynes is a huge advocate for missions, and he taught the church that as a Christian, you go or you send the gospel to the world. Through the ministry of Compassion I have discovered I can be a Missionary on the Couch.

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