A woman in a green sweater stands in front of a wall covered in pictures of children.

Advice From the Woman Who Writes to 52 Children in Poverty

Every month, Jenith sits down to write letters to 52 children. It’s not because she has a lot of free time on her hands — she’s a single mother with a full-time job. She does it because she knows her words can give hope to children living in seemingly hopeless circumstances. Here are her secrets to writing better letters, becoming a correspondent, or getting a correspondent if you need one.

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A man and woman sit on stools, holding hands.

3 Couples Share How They Raise Compassionate Kids

These three couples, all at different parenting stages, share their wisdom and experience on raising compassionate kids!

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A girl walks down a street block, carrying a backpack.

Inspiring Gen-Zers: This 9-Year-Old Brought Hope to 56 Kids

We believe young people are inspiring and capable — young people from both around the world and in the United States. This article is written by a 9-year-old who will teach you wisdom and bravery.

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A man and woman hug three children in school uniforms

Maximizing the Match: Two Families Share How

Matching gift programs are an amazing way to ensure your donations have the biggest impact possible. Learn from two families how to maximize your match!

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An illustration of five different people. Text: Find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

How Will You Surprise Your Family This Year?

Recently, we asked our friends on Compassion’s Facebook page to share how they use the Compassion Gift Catalog to give in honor of their friends and family. We heard so many amazing stories, but Holly’s really stood out! We love how she uses the catalog to bless her entire family — especially those on a difficult journey!

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A woman in a black shirt checks the mail out of a box on the front porch of a house.

Namesakes: Why Children in Uganda Are Named After This Woman

She’s not a politician or known worldwide. So why does this retired postal worker have three children in Uganda named after her and her husband?

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A girl in a white T-shirt and patterned skirt runs down a dirt path, smiling, with a house in the background.

How Life in Rural Togo Is About to Change

Tragically, one in every 10 children in Togo dies before they reach their fifth birthday. But thanks to a new partnership between pro golfer Kevin Streelman and Compassion, change is coming for two communities.

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A young woman leans against a blue and white corrugated metal wall holding a white sign with a heart drawn on it.

3 Ways to Keep Local and Global in Your Hands

To live in 2019, you must hold local and global in your hands — for they are more intertwined than ever. And this has been God’s idea all along.

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How to Write Your Compassion Letters to Be Age Appropriate

How to Write Your Sponsored Child No Matter Their Age

No matter the age of the child you sponsor, we’ve got some ideas for you to make letter-writing just a little easier! Just scroll to the right age and start writing!

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How to Raise Brave Kids in a World Keeping Them Afraid

How to Raise Brave Kids in a World Keeping Them Afraid

Parenting in our generation is so different than our parents’ generation, isn’t it? I don’t know whether it is an intense need for control or the fact that we are surrounded by voices who are trying to convince us we aren’t safe. Whatever the cause, we parent with the brakes on.

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A group of people, Ugandans and two Americans, stand outside with grass thatched huts in the background, everyone smiling at the camera.

NFL’s Nate Solder: This Is Why I Play Football

Nate Solder has won two Super Bowls with the New England Patriots and currently plays for the New York Giants. But a life focused on winning and money left him feeling empty and wondering what the point of it all is. Learn what Nate’s life purpose now is … and how a village in Uganda helped him find it.

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Three boys sit in a row at a desk outside, each writing a letter. They all smile at the camera.

How to Teach Your Kids About the World With a Pen Pal

Do your kids have a special term for the child your family sponsors? Some kids use “sponsored friend,” “long-distance sister” or “brother in Uganda.” But what about “international pen pal”? Thinking of the child you sponsor as a pen pal could inspire your kids to write more letters. And that gives you a positive response whenever they say they’re bored this summer: “Why don’t we write to our pen pal?” Learn how you can use writing letters to your very own international pen pal to teach your children, while brightening the day — and life — of the child you sponsor.

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