This Is How Grace Lives Without Limits

Grace outside her home in Uganda

Many in Grace’s community saw her disabilities as a curse and even suggested to take her life. But her mother would go to great lengths to ensure she was safe, loved and could live without limits.

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Top 10 Compassion Blogs You Loved the Most in 2018

This year, you’ve shared in incredible stories of hope, love and triumph against insurmountable odds.

Together, we prayed for rescue from disastrous cave floods to child slavery. Told personal accounts of overcoming harmful cultural taboos and physical disadvantages. But we also had a lot fun, sharing some of the beautiful places and things the kiddos you sponsor find most special.

Here are the stories you read and shared the most in 2018!

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Your Best Letter-Writing Questions and Answers of the Year

Your Best Letter-writing Questions and Answers of the Year

This year, we asked your most burning letter-writing questions to those in the know! Here are your best questions and answers of the year.

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5 Creative Ideas For Entertaining Kids Over the Holidays

Fun and Free Ideas for Entertaining Kids Over the Holidays

Entertaining kids over the holidays can be a struggle. So much time, so little to do! But this list of creative and totally FREE activities will make your Thanksgiving and Christmas fun and memorable!

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Lucerito Has The Best Tools To Build furniture and Her Bright Future

She Has the Best Tools to Build Her Bright Future

In Lucerito’s community, professions like carpentry and making furniture were often considered to be only for men. Then, she grabbed a hammer and impressed everyone.

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Twins Overcome Poverty As Expert Craftsmen Of Guitars And Hope

Twins Overcome Poverty as Expert Craftsmen of Guitars and Hope

Kulwa and Doto are creative twin brothers who have come out of incredible adversity to become craftsmen of guitars, fashion and hope.

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She's Aspiring to be a Coder Who Inspires People

She’s Aspiring to Be a Coder Who Inspires People

Georgina overcame the effects that poverty and illiteracy had on her community to become a coder with big ideas to help other children like her to succeed.

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The Reasons Why These Kids Love Their Dads Are the Best!

For this Father’s Day, we asked the children we serve around the world to tell us why they love their dads so much. Their answers were simply priceless!

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Sponsored Children Cheer on Their Favorite Teams in the World Cup

Soccer has the power to change lives. That’s one of the many reasons why the children you sponsor are all getting so excited for the World Cup!

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Children Share Beautiful Reasons They Love Their Moms

For Mother’s Day, we asked children in our program to share reasons why they love their mothers. Here are their beautiful answers about the strong, loving women who raised them. “I love you mom, because…”

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One Year After Peru Flooding: Thank You for Your Support

Last year, you responded to disastrous flooding in Peru that affected hundreds of thousands of people. Because you acted quickly, thousands of children and their families have been aided to restore their homes and communities. Many of the children you helped want to share their stories with you.

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How We See Love This Valentine's Day

This Is How We See Love on Valentine’s Day

At Compassion, we see some exceptional examples of love that inspire us and make smiling simply irresistible. This Valentine’s Day, we wanted to share some of our favorites with you. We see love in…

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