How These 4 Heroes Are Helping Kids Right Now

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People all around the world are facing impossible situations. But there are also heroes stepping in and saving the day. The immense passion and heart of so many of the people we partner with around the world just amazes us. They sacrifice and they give until it hurts.

Be inspired. The church is rising up around the world. Empowered by your support, these heroes at our church partners are dedicated to continue serving the vulnerable.

This pastor, in the hospital with cancer, is still working for children in poverty!

Pastor Roberto Narvaez working from his hospital bed

Pastor Roberto Narvaez of Colombia is in the hospital undergoing chemotherapy for leukemia. He’s been there two months and is awaiting a bone marrow transplant. Despite this, he’s still working away — from his hospital bed — to help children in poverty.

After he wakes each day, Roberto thanks God for giving him one more day. Then he starts thinking about the children whose parents are quarantined and might not be able to feed their children, and he gets to work. He helps coordinate and oversee all the work going on to ensure children are fed and cared for. Even exhausted and in pain, Pastor Roberto is dedicated to helping others.

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Survival heroes are ensuring moms give birth to healthy babies, even during a pandemic!

A mom and her baby lie in a hospital bed.

Many pregnant women living in poverty are facing complications giving birth right now. Curfews and restrictions on public transportation due to COVID-19 mean that many women can’t get to clinics to give birth. But our Survival implementers are working hard to ensure babies are born safely.

When Joya in Bangladesh went into labor, Alina, her Survival implementer, called a midwife to assess the situation. The news was alarming. The baby wasn’t in a good position, and it was too risky to deliver the baby at home. They waited for hours at home while Alina worked to find someone willing to take the mother to the hospital. Finally, at dawn, she did. The doctors performed a C-section immediately, and her beautiful baby was born healthy!

This pastor is clowning around to keep kids encouraged at home.

Man dressed as a clown performing for a livestream

A pastor in one of the most remote areas of Ecuador is recording daily messages for children, including messages of hope and love from the Bible. Each morning he records the messages on his cell phone, dressing as a clown and using a puppet to spread love and laughter!

“I am not a YouTuber, or an influencer or anything like that,” says Pastor Alexander. “I just do not want to leave the children of my community on their own. I want them to know that in these moments of crisis they are not alone and that God cares for them.”

This tutor is making hundreds of phone calls to check on families.

Portrait of a woman sitting at a table

Griselda is a tutor for Compassion in Bolivia, which means that she has 105 children whom she usually cares for at the Compassion center. Now that they’re staying at home, Griselda wants to make sure their needs are still being met. Each day, she works her way through a list of 105 children, calling each family to see how they are.

Sometimes she has to call neighbors or relatives, but she persists until she learns how they are doing. She asks them how many days their food will last and if any family members are showing symptoms of COVID-19. She ensures they know where the closest health center is, if needed. Griselda closes the call by listening to their situation, encouraging the family and praying for them. What a hero!

“Many of the parents want to get their problems off their chests. I want to invest time in listening and encouraging them,” says Griselda. “As many have expressed, receiving the phone call was a great blessing and joy. They felt good, loved and remembered.”

We are so thankful for each of these heroes. They are just a few of the many people working around the world to help children in poverty. If you want to help people like them in their efforts, click here to respond to the most pressing needs our church partners are facing!

Reporting by Lina Alarcon, Nico Benalcazar, Galia Oropeza, Jonatan Ruiz and J. Sangma

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  1. Moussa May 20, 2020

    I am glad to read all of this stories may God bless you for your effort

  2. Godfrey Wayengera May 10, 2020

    God bless the men and women who have put their lives on the front line for the survival of others especially the vulnerable children we minister to. I’m humbled by that pastor who is in hospital but is still mindful about how the children are and still coordinating efforts to ensure that their needs are met. I would also like to appreciate the FCP staff, overseers, church partner committee members and volunteers who have sacrificed to ensure that children have someone to attend to them. Those people have not shied away from the dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic but have chosen to face them on to make sure children are still known, loved and protected. Bravo to you men and women on the “battle field”.

  3. Susan Camphausen May 9, 2020

    It is such a blessing and encouragement to read how each of you are reaching out to ones who are needing the love and care you give them. God has put their needs on your hearts to serve in His Name. God be with you and all those who are touched by you.

  4. Patricia May 8, 2020

    I love reading all these stories about heroes. May God continue to bless each of you for the work you are doing in His name. My heart goes out to the children and families who are hurting and in need of help. May God be with everyone. Thank you heroes for all that you do.

  5. Bertrand Youl May 7, 2020

    I love reading these empowering stories.
    My prayers go to all these great heroes struggling and dedicated to bringing peace and support to others.
    Much blessings!!

  6. SOMA Moussa May 7, 2020

    To God be all the glory. Love drive to service and it can really bring a change, impacting deeply lives. All my encouragements to those who bring joy, help and hope to all the needed persons. God grant you His grace and mercy in Jesus’name.

    1. Mackenzie May 7, 2020

      Soma, we are so grateful for your tireless work to minister to the children! We pray God’s hand of blessing on your during these difficult times! ?

  7. Evangelist Pastor Mangal Sain Koli Thomas . May 6, 2020

    Praise God Hallelujah, Compassion program is the life of whole world’s Childrens, very very helpeful, I know very well because I was the CDF of the (MKCP) program in 2012 to 2014 in uttrakhand. Indian kids needs Compassion’s helped. Program, no 245.

    1. Christina May 6, 2020

      God bless you, Pastor Mangal. Please know that, although we are unable to work in India, we do still love all our Indian brothers and sisters. We pray for God to bless you all and provide for your needs.

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