Kids Around the World: My Favorite Foods

Boy wearing a blue shirt with white collar and the background is a blue wall of the kitchen’s front.

Food! It’s part of our daily life and directly impacts our quality of life. What we eat says a lot about our culture too. So we thought we’d ask some children who attend Compassion child development centers: “What are your favorite foods to eat?” Here’s what they had to share.

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Around the World With a 4-Course Meal

three girls baking

No matter where you are in the world, a love for food is one shared trait that unites us all. Yet each culture has its own unique way of preparing, spicing and serving its traditional dishes.

To give your family a taste of what kids around the world eat, we came up with a fun dinner idea featuring recipes from the regions where Compassion works. We call this version of a progressive dinner Taste of Compassion, and we hope it helps your family connect more to the diverse cultures of kids in Compassion’s program. It’s also a great chance to pray about child hunger and poverty around the world while thanking God for his provision. Let’s get started!

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What's For Dinner

Conversations with Alumni: What’s for Dinner? [VIDEO]

“What’s for dinner?”

It was the first question that popped out of your mouth when you got home from school as a kid. You secretly hoped for something different than last night and if you were lucky….you got your favorite meal!

Although my family had a short season of eating red beans and rice (Louisiana girl here!), for most of our dinners, I still had other things for breakfast and lunch. Most of my life, I had access to all sorts of food and snacks.

The story is very different for children in our program. Our local church partners reach out and enroll those in the most need. And sometimes that means little ones who may not have enough food for even one meal, let alone three meals a day.

When you invest in the life of a child, you partner with us and the local church in their holistic development. The most basic part of a child’s development is their physical body.

Providing a well-balanced meal or snack when they attend the program is just the start of addressing their physical development, but this start is critical.

What child who is hungry can focus on schoolwork, learn basic hygiene, or hear that Jesus loves them?


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one meal one day

Skip a Meal and Change a Child’s World

It is time to stand up for the millions without food, for those who have no voice. It is time to be God’s light and share the hope He brings.

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child wearing a pink shirt standing in front of a doorway

A New Home for Emile

Emile faces great challenges in life. He lives in a hut, in the heart of the bush, far from the nearest village. His room has palm branch walls and a straw roof, which leaks during rainy season.

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a boy looking at a basket of food

Kid’s Snacks in Haiti

As many other Caribbean countries, Haiti has a very rich cuisine. Haiti however, maintains an independently unique flavor.

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two men walking down road

How a Meal Develops Companionship

Jesus’ act of sharing a meal gave the men on the road to Emmaus more than just information; it gave them a new relationship that spurred them to further faith and action.

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Three children eating rice from a large bowl

A Little Jhal Muri (Spiced Puffed Rice), Anyone?

Jhal Muri is one of the most common and popular snacks In Bangladesh. Smashed potatoes and egg curry are also popular dishes.

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Green, purple and pink marshmallow chicks

Fasting and Feasting at the Table

As we ate our final Lenten meal, anticipating the feast of Easter Sunday, the grand mystical celebration of life breaking past death, I felt content. Thankful.

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black bean salad in red bowl

Sharing a Place at Our Table

Inspired by Chris Seay’s book, “A Place at the Table,” the Pina family decided to fast from certain foods. For 40 days they are eating the same foods that their sponsored Nicaraguan child eats.

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man and woman smiling and sitting with three children

What Distracts Your Place at the Table?

Nate and his family are just over halfway through a 40-day “A Place at the Table” journey of eating what their sponsored child in Haiti eats. They’ve been eating rice, beans, chicken, avocados, bananas and oranges.

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bowl of Ugandan stew

Could You Eat Like Your Sponsored Child for a Week?

The Hopkins family decided to plan a monthly sacrifice challenge throughout 2012. For the month of January they sacrificed in the area of food.

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