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Drawing from his personal experience, Richmond Wandera explains how the Leadership Development Program selection process works.

You can also view the Leadership Development Program selection process video on YouTube.

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Listen in on Tony, Richmond, Michelle and Jimmy as they share their perspective on what works with the Leadership Development Program and how it can be improved.

You can also view the Leadership Development Program video on YouTube.

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Richmond Michelle and Wess

Four Leadership Development Program graduates now attending Moody Bible Institute share some tips on what you should include in the letters you write to your sponsored children.

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Tony, Michelle, Richmond and Jimmy talk about what they will be doing after they graduate from Moody Bible Institute and share some ways that you can pray for them.

You can also view the Life After Graduation video on Vimeo.

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Nov 13 2009

Living in Two Worlds

How difficult is it for the Moody scholars to transition between the poverty of their homes and life in the U.S.?

You can also view the Living in Two Worlds video on YouTube.

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Another clip from our video interview with the Moody Bible Institute scholars.
After watching it, will you sponsor a Leadership Development Program student? You can do so by yourself, but you can also do it as a group, with family, friends, co-workers, your small group, etc.

You can also view the Growing Up in Poverty video…

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Oct 30 2009

Who’s in Charge?

So, an emperor, a chief and a queen are all in a room together. The emperor is from Uganda. The chief is from the Dominican Republic. And the queen is from the Philippines. Who’s in charge?

You can also view the Who’s in Charge video on YouTube.

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Clip two from our video interview with the Moody Bible Institute scholars.
In this clip, Tony explains how Leadership Development Program students are missionaries to their classmates.

You can also view the Student Missionaries video on YouTube.

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In late July we interviewed our Moody Bible Institute scholarship recipients using questions you submitted here. We filmed the interview and will be sharing clips from the session with you over the next few weeks.
In this first clip, which is just over 13 minutes long, you’ll get to see how Richmond, Tony, Michelle and…

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Jul 27 2009

Ask a Moody Scholar

We trust that as regular readers of our blog, you’re familiar with Michelle, Tony and Richmond — our first three Moody scholars. So we’ll forego the explanation of who they are and get right to the point.
Each one of them is going be in Colorado Springs very soon. And they’ll actually all be…

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