How Does Compassion Prevent Child Departures?

A group of 12 children sit on the ground in a line, smiling. They sit on concrete ground, in front of a corrugated metal sheet and wood wall.

When a sponsored child has to depart our program early, It can be heartbreaking for the Compassion center staff and sponsors who have invested so much love into their lives. Read how our church partners across Honduras are responding to the unique struggles the families they serve face in order to keep children in the program.

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I Want to Be a Firefighter!

I Want To Be A Firefighter

“My passion is to rescue and save other people’s lives,” said 19-year-old Jonathan. Jonathan is an alumnus of the Amor Viviente Child Sponsorship Program in Honduras, and has been able to achieve his dream as a result of a strategic partnership with the local fire department.

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