Some Time Later, the Brook Dried Up

dry riverbed

When we get comfortable, we are no longer growing or having an impact on our environment.

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Nam Jai (Water From the Heart)

man and woman handing out bags of food

The term nam jai (water + heart) means “water from the heart” and is used to describe genuine acts of kindness. It implies that these acts of kindness are done without any expectations — with no strings attached.

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vendors lining street in Thailand

It’s Called “Walking” Street!

Walking Street is a place in Chiang Mai where local vendors hawk their wares. My family and I thought we would take a few hours, see what it was all about and then head to church. We were wrong.

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crucified Christ

Son of the High Chief

The son of the High Chief, knowingly or not, showed his friends an image of what Jesus Christ did for each of us when He went to the cross. He stood between them and the evil one, who wanted to hurt them.

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cup of Thai coffee

The Incredible Creations of Thai Coffee Artists

Thailand is full of coffee artists. Wherever you go for a cup of Joe, they try to outdo their coffee competitors with creative patterns and swirls of blended foam.

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colorful mugs sitting on table

Bring an Empty Cup

When I come with an empty cup, the poor teach me about the faith required to truly depend on God rather than for me to try to solve all their problems by reaching for my wallet. When I come with an empty cup, the poor teach me how to get the best use of the resources around me instead of wasting so much.

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girl holding lit lantern

Mai Pen Rai! Enjoying Thailand’s Loy Krathong Festival

What’s worse than a traffic jam after a professional sporting event? A people jam after Loy Krathong!

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large group of Thai people posing for camera

Taking a Stand

Being a Christian is a little like standing for the Thai national anthem. When you take a stand for God, you will often look foolish to the world around you.

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