Worn Out

small child sleeping on mat

Engage in Elijah’s story. Take care of yourself. Eat, rest, regain your reserves.

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Fortifying Our Faith

Large grass hut.

The God we serve is in the business of resistance training. He wants to fortify our faith.

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dry riverbed

Some Time Later, the Brook Dried Up

When we get comfortable, we are no longer growing or having an impact on our environment.

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sunset over a lake

A Fireball from God

What would God have to do in order to convince you that He exists and that He cares about you? Would it take a ball of fire suddenly appearing before you?

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Make an Impact

What if we never heard the story of how David slew Goliath? Or the story about Jesus rebuking the storm? How about when Elijah brought the widow’s son back to life?

Honestly … think of your faith without all those miraculous stories.

I can’t do it. I can’t think of my faith without thinking about the great things the Lord has done.

  • When I need patience, I think of Abraham.
  • When I need strength, I think of Ruth.
  • When I need to work on truly seeking the face of the Lord, I think of David.
  • When I want to understand how to love more, I think of all the ways Jesus loved everyone … and that’s a lot of stories.

The Lord has let us in. We have access to knowing what He has done and the outcomes He has produced.

As you may know, I am a big fan of stories. Coming to Compassion has only made me fall more in love with stories. Stories take what I cannot see or comprehend and make it a reality for me.

It just so happens that Compassion is overflowing with stories:

Of course, the challenge is getting these wonderful stories to you, our faithful sponsors.

Oh, wait! It’s not that big of a challenge. We have the blog 🙂 and then, there’s our Impact e-Newsletter.

Impact is Compassion’s monthly e-newsletter designed specifically for people with a heart for children in poverty. Discover educational resources, read inspiring stories, and learn practical ways to get involved in the fight against global poverty.

It’s simple to subscribe too.

  1. Log into compassion.com
  2. Click on “Update E-mail Interests,” on the left side of the page.
  3. Click the box to receive the Impact e-Newsletter.

And once you begin receiving the newsletter, we’ve included an easy way to share the content with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or MySpace.

Simple, right?

We want it to be simple because Impact doesn’t just contain “any” stories. These are stories the Lord has written. Ideas the Lord has inspired. Accomplishments the Lord has blessed.

OK, want to know something else (lean in a bit closer) … our April Impact e-newsletter is going to be packed with some amazing news. I can barely wait for it to come out, and I know what is in it!

There is going to be that story about … oh wait, I don’t think I’m supposed to talk about that yet.

Oh! But there is this new … oh no, I think I also need to hush up about that.

Well, at least I can tell that in April we will be releasing … eek! I’m pretty sure this is one I really can’t talk about.

OK, all is not lost! April is not too far away. Go sign-up to receive the newsletter today so we can talk about how amazing our new … well, you’ll know more on April 6!

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