Always Pray, Don’t Give Up


Winston Churchill was not known for being a spiritual man. But even this world-renowned leader who led Britain’s fight against the then seemingly unstoppable might of Hitler’s military admitted to praying, saying the practice “comforted him” in times of crisis and danger. I find this fact interesting because it demonstrates God’s design of the human being. God made every person — believer and non-believer alike— to have a natural inclination to reach out to Him, especially in times of trouble. So if this is the case, why don’t we, as Christians, do it more often? Or why is reaching out to God in prayer more often than not our last resort than our first?

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Break Through the Fog

overcome discouragement fog

As we prepare for the Easter season, there may be some of you who are in a place of fog. You can’t see clearly what’s ahead of you. You might even be wondering if God is with you at all because the fog has been with you for so long.

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blue wall with Bernard Jesus is Lord written on it

How Should We Handle Fear?

The world tells us to simply show no fear; pretend it doesn’t exist or exhibit behavior that displays calm or confidence in your abilities. But how far will this mindset take us?

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man on the street with a soccer ball

The Heroes of Rollaball

Real heroes aren’t always known for their physical strength. In many cases, they are people who, instead of power, possess a visible weakness but inspire us because of the courage they demonstrate in the midst of their vulnerability.

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Large grass hut.

Fortifying Our Faith

The God we serve is in the business of resistance training. He wants to fortify our faith.

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man walking alongside a donkey pulling a cart

What Fuels a Spirit of Service?

The Good Samaritan had nothing to gain from helping the incapacitated robbery victim he happened to stumble upon while making his way to Jericho. Perhaps it was the Spirit of Christ in him that gave way to a Spirit of Service.

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Wess Stafford washes the feet of a Leadership Development Program graduate on stage

Spirit of Service: What’s Really the Problem?

What’s preventing you from living out a Spirit of Service in your work environment or better yet, in your life?

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group of men sitting on the ground praying

God Hasn’t Given Up on You

God hasn’t given up on you. So don’t give up on Him. Wait on Him and on His appointed time.

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silhouette of cross

The Greatest Hope of All

True hope will never be found in stable and financially secure governments, sophisticated technology, academic achievements, good jobs or happy families. While these are blessings from God and are noble ambitions to work toward, they will take you only so far.

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group of adults and children singing inside church building

Complacent Christianity Never Achieves Anything

As our ministry works to build on a culture of trust, oneness, empowerment and a pursuit of excellence in everything we do, who do you think is working against us? That’s why it’s so important that we do not fall into complacent Christianity. Instead, we need to be cognizant Christians.

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