Tender Conversations With Children and Their Fathers

Thatiana is wearing jeans and a dark blue shirt. Her father, Remberto, is wearing a plaid shirt and gray pants. Remberto is holding Thatiana. They are standing outside and there are trees in the background.

Compassion photojournalists Javier Elis in Guatemala and J. Sangma in Bangladesh sat down to ask children and fathers about their mutual love, dreams and memories. Here are some sweet quotes from their interviews.

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The Story of a Devoted Father and His Boys

Damião, wearing a green shirt, is with his sons, Davi, wearing a white shirt, and Luan, wearing a blue shirt. They are hugging each other in their back yard. They are standing in the grass.

“My dad does everything for me! … I love him so much. One day I asked him to buy me ice cream and even without much money, he managed to buy it for me,” exclaims Davi about his father, Damião.

Upon hearing his son’s words, a tear falls from Damião’s eyes. In their culture, men rarely cry in front of others. But in the last few months, crying has been a normal part of Damião’s life.

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Economic Freedom Featured

From Alcoholism to Economic Freedom

The proceeds of East India’s Compassion Sunday campaign bring the promise of a confident future to eight Child Survival Program fathers and their family members.

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table filled with handicrafts

A Home Filled With Love

One family was close to divorce because of the burden of a child. After joining the Child Survival Program, they are now positive examples to other mothers and fathers in their community.

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A man holding a baby

A Single Father’s Journey

From the Karen tribe, Somporn and his wife Sopak dreamed of having a big family. They planned to spend many sweet long years together, until they grew old. They did not imagine that “’till death do us part” would come so quickly.

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man being embraced by child

Not Your Typical Father

Fathers are expected to work and earn money for the family, not go to church or take care of the children. But Joseph is not the typical Filipino father.

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man holding smiling baby

The Bond Between Father and Daughter Is a Blessing

Sujon decided never to see his daughter’s face. Ignorance, superstition and the effects of a dowry system had hardened his heart. Somapti had a father, but she was virtually fatherless.

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man and woman sitting outside with small child

A Father’s Involvement in the Child Survival Program

Amin is married and the father of two children. When he shared his thoughts about his involvement with the Child Survival Program, joy radiated from his face.

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Filipino man holding child

“Daddy’s Home!”

Every child should live with the confidence that Daddy is coming home at the end of the day. But the truth is, throughout much of the developing world, little boys and girls never get to run into Daddy’s arms.

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group of girls waiting in line

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Perhaps you’ve been waiting on something for a long time, and you’re weary. You’re not alone!

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when does a boy become a man

When Does a Boy Become a Man?

A boy becomes a man when he understands and consistently demonstrates through humble surrender to God that the Lord’s strength abounds in human frailty.

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three children eating from large bowl

The Thing About Tummy Rubs

Today is World Food Day. A day to realize how blessed we are just for having a chance to eat a meal and get a full tummy.

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