Welcoming Our New President and CEO, Jim Mellado

Mellado family with children

After a three year process and much prayer, our President and CEO Wess Stafford is passing the baton of ministry leadership to Jim Mellado. For 20 years, Jim served as president of the Willow Creek Association and will become the fifth president in our 61-year history.

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Ministry Insider: Dinah Meyer, Faithful Servant

Dinah Meyer and Wess Stafford

Dinah Meyer has been working for Compassion 18 years. She has been around for much of the ministry’s history, and working in the Executive office, she has a unique perspective we want to share with you.

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view of Compassion office building

View from the Contact Center

The more often we can take ownership and responsibility for any action, the more unified we become.

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Compassion global ministry center

The Contact Center: Who Are You Talking To?

We can’t really call ourselves a “call center” any more. Why? Because these days we do much, MUCH more than just take calls.

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holding hands

Holding Hands in the Kibera Slums

Bouncing over piles of trash and splashing through rivers of raw sewage, Katy held James’ hand in the front seat of the car, telling herself it was to cheer him. Later she would realize that she needed his hand to steel her and keep her brave.

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Mountain sunrise with fog.

The Front Lines

Front lines means the forward line or leading position of battle; often used in evangelical terms to define the leading position of a ministry.

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Woman reading a letter.

A Sponsor’s Letter: From Gayle to Her Child

A lot needs to happen before a sponsor like Gayle can receive a letter from her sponsored child. In this video we see the sponsor side of the sponsor-child letter-writing journey.

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smiling children in Haiti

The Joy of Serving

Each day we have the choice to choose life or death. To worship God by serving each other with joy or to expect others to serve us.

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racks of sorting bins

An Inside Look: Correspondence at Compassion

Since implementing the new online letter writing tool, we receive about 7,000 web letters each day compared to the 1,000 or so we received daily before the tool was implemented.

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Why Do Child Development Centers Close

Why Do Child Development Centers Close?

We partner with more than 5,000 churches worldwide to implement our sponsorship program. And last year, 95 centers closed, about 1.7 percent of the centers open at the time. The number of child development centers that close each year varies. They close for a variety of reasons, and each case is different.

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Young smiling girl holding a letter.

The Journey of One Letter

Have you ever wondered how your sponsored child’s letter gets to you? The long journey it takes from Tanzania or Thailand to Connecticut or California? There’s a lot more to it than you might think!

Samuel Llanes, Guatemala’s Field Communication Specialist, gives us a peek at the journey of one letter from Guatemala to a sponsor in Australia.

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Big Jesus

Big Jesus isn’t like Real Jesus. Real Jesus is much bigger than Big Jesus. Real Jesus is bigger than the universe.

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