We Belong to Each Other: Stories From Compassion Kenya

We Belong to Each Other: Stories from Compassion Bloggers in Kenya

As the Compassion Bloggers journeyed to local church communities across Kenya, one thing became clear to them: We’re not alone, we belong to each other.

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10 Portraits of the Most Courageous Girls in Kenya

10 Portraits of the Most Courageous Girls in Kenya Rachael

Ten brave girls living in impoverish communities in Kenya talk openly about their lives and the joys and struggles facing all girls, everywhere. From child marriage to education, female circumcision to the definition of beauty, their stories and images are a testament to the resilience, strength and courage of girls living in poverty.

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Jey Mbiro

A Life Changed: Jey’s Story

At the age of 9, Jey was sent to prison for stealing a purse. It was from there he prayed, “God if you exist, please take me out of this prison. I don’t want to live this life any more. And when you get me out of prison, get me out of poverty.”

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slum in Kenya

What’s That Smell?

Mathare is a cruel place. A slum plagued by intense poverty and violence outside of Nairobi, Kenya. Home to more than 700,000 residents.

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man embracing group of children

Four Choices That Require Trust

Because of the trust of God’s people, He gives us beautiful moments of redemption in broken valleys.

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large tree in the shadow of sunset

Once: A Story of Loss, Pain and Redemption in an African Slum

Once there was a place called Mathare. It was a hard place; a difficult place. But, there was also a place called the Kingdom of God.

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