5 More Ways God Wants You To Rest

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God is honored by our hard work but as our Creator, He knows we need rest from tasks that make us tired, challenges that demand our energy and concerns that cause stress.

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6 Ways to Experience a Summertime Sabbath Rest

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The biblical concept of Sabbath is more than a day off work. It’s an intentional commitment to rest and have reflection and communion with God — a healthy balance to a busy week.

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Relishing Rest

Let’s take God’s example of rest seriously by setting aside time to relax physically and renew ourselves emotionally and spiritually.

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Placed in His Hands

We join this story as the apostles return after Jesus had sent them out. They were eager to tell their rabbi about “all they had done and taught,” but “many people” made conversation impossible.

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rest in jesus

Resting in Jesus

Jesus knows how hard it is to keep up with the demands of your day. But He also knows the importance of rest.

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Worn Out

Engage in Elijah’s story. Take care of yourself. Eat, rest, regain your reserves.

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