Ministry Highlight: Ecuador

Ecuadoran children in classroom

We began our ministry in Ecuador in 1974, with the Child Sponsorship Program. In 2002, we started the Leadership Development Program and in 2006, the Child Survival Program.

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A Spirit of Service… and Humility

men standing inside a church praying

We know what we are: Sinners in need of a Savior and saints who are called to serve. Our sinfulness and saintliness are the primary reasons we need humility.

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man walking alongside a donkey pulling a cart

What Fuels a Spirit of Service?

The Good Samaritan had nothing to gain from helping the incapacitated robbery victim he happened to stumble upon while making his way to Jericho. Perhaps it was the Spirit of Christ in him that gave way to a Spirit of Service.

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man talking to woman with hand on her shoulder

Trust in the Workplace: Is It Possible?

Everyone wants to be trusted for their character and their competence. But in our relationships with each other, we often say or do things that can easily undermine trust.

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Wess Stafford washes the feet of a Leadership Development Program graduate on stage

Spirit of Service: What’s Really the Problem?

What’s preventing you from living out a Spirit of Service in your work environment or better yet, in your life?

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