Unity and Obedience

obedience to god

In Exodus 24, the Israelites may not have agreed on the details, but they chose to agree on one basic thing: obedience.

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One In Spirit at Compassion

men praying together in a circle

We need men and women who are one in spirit and who share our vision and mission.

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group of Filipino men and women

Assigning Blame? We’re Done with That!

Our Philippines office used to play a unique game of volleyball. But, it wasn’t a ball they would toss to one another – it was blame!

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children smiling and holding hands

One and Being One

“One” means solitary, yet in contrast, “being one” means united in purpose. Individuality gives us an identity, but identifying to a common purpose takes extra effort, sacrificing individual identity to work toward common good.

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Children playing soccer

The Healing Power of the World Cup

Haiti, which is still digging out from the catastrophic earthquake that struck in January, did not qualify for the 2010 World Cup. But the Haitian people badly need a team to root for to lift their spirits, and most are cheering for the powerful Brazilian team.

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