Tony Beltran: My Best Day in Ministry

Christian child sponsorship Moody Bible Institute scholar Tony Beltran shares his amazement and excitement about a child he met who was determined to help others, just like Tony’s sponsor.

Christian child sponsorship: kids get it.


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  1. Jim March 3, 2010

    Just stumbled on this recording now. I think it’s funny that people aren’t sure if it’s Tony’s voice or not. My wife is the Ashley he mentions. We’ve had the opportunity to spend quite a bit of time with Tony and I can personally assure you that the recording is Tony. Too funny.

    1. Chris Giovagnoni March 3, 2010


      When I originally posted the audio it was the wrong file and, it wasn’t Tony. But that’s been fixed.

  2. Mike Stephens September 29, 2009

    I like your example with God’s voice Jimmy b/c if we run something by what we know to be true in the bible we often can tell quickly who we are listening to. The waves of the ocean know God’s voice and so does all of Creation b/c He spoke it into existence which is INCREDIBLE!

  3. Mike Stephens September 29, 2009

    Jimmy you are EXACTLY right a voice is like a finger print. It also reveals much more sometimes.

  4. Mike Stephens September 29, 2009

    yeah that was Tony 😉

  5. Chris Giovagnoni September 28, 2009

    Aaah! I see now. Within the Compassion network the proper file was playing. Outside of our network, you were hearing someone else.

    You were right Jimmy. It was Jacob.

    It should be Tony now. My apologies.

  6. Carol September 27, 2009

    This audio recording is not Tony. It is of someone who works with Compassion in Uganda.

  7. Jimmy Wambua September 27, 2009

    I don’t think thats Tony either. I think, It is Jacob Kitonza. It is amazing how we Can have the ability to recognize the character of people, including their voices. I Pray God help me recognize His Voice whenever He speaks.

  8. Arlonne Monroe September 26, 2009

    Chris, thanks for clarifying! Is Tony coming to the National Conference? He came to our Advocates Retreat in Big Bear last June, and Brad thought we’d get to see him again at the conference next week…

  9. Chris Giovagnoni September 26, 2009

    It is indeed Tony.

    But for confirmation, he uses his own name when he relates what the child says to him.

  10. Arlonne Monroe September 26, 2009

    It didn’t sound like Tony to me either! Even though it was still a very good talk…

  11. Amy Wallace September 26, 2009

    I love listening to these 🙂

  12. Juli Jarvis September 26, 2009

    Wow Tony — that’s an amazing story. And you told it so well. Thanks. I love to see people “get it” for the first time. And it often starts with youth–

  13. Mike Stephens September 26, 2009

    Thanks for sharing! I don’t think that was Tony, but I am sure you will realize that quite quickly. Either way it was good to hear 😉

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