11-Year-Old Neema Shapes Surprises From the Soil

Neema is wearing a brown sweater and brown skirt. She is sitting down outside her school and is holding a figurine she sculpted.

Eleven-year-old Neema walks across the playground carrying a bottle of water. Other children are playing wild and noisy games during break, but there is something else she prefers doing. Neema — image-bearer, hands in dirt — shapes surprises from the soil like her Father God.

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What’s It Like To Go Shopping Around the World?

A smiling woman sits at a marketplace in Burkina Faso surrounded by fruits and vegetables on blankets.

If you think mall traffic is crazy where you live, you should check out the crowded markets in Tanzania! And you’ve never seen more beautiful produce than at the fruit stands in Burkina Faso. Take a stroll through some of the world’s busiest, most colorful markets and experience the wonder of how people in other cultures go shopping.

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One Sure Way to Create Meaningful Christmas Memories

I’m going to be honest with you: I love Christmas, but I’m not good at it. My wrapping skills are mediocre, my baking leaves something to be desired, and regardless of my best intentions, I’m usually scrambling through the Target aisles on Christmas Eve. However, what I lack in homemade magic, I make up for in memories.

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From Hunger to Hope: A Brave Girl Named Norah

Norah’s mother, a hairdresser, and her father, a soldier in the Rwandan army, worked hard to provide for their daughter. But when war and genocide tore through Rwanda in 1994, it also ripped a hole straight through Norah’s heart.

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