The Landslide in Ethiopia That Will Never Be Forgotten

Landslide in Ethiopia - Photo: Zacharias Abubeker/AFP/Getty Images

Sometimes there are stories that just bother you, that rattle your soul, cause a lingering heartache and won’t let go. A few weeks ago, I heard about a tragic event that happened in Ethiopia and it hasn’t left my mind … or my heart. It started with a headline that you will likely never see in any western media outlet.

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Microloans Provide Jobs in Haiti

micro loans

Families who lost everything in the 2010 Haiti earthquake needed help starting over. That’s why we initiated a low-interest micro loan program to qualified recipients to help them start new businesses in their communities. The results have been spectacular!

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young boy in hospital bed

Every Parent’s Nightmare

Many children are lost every single day. But, no parent should have to face the nightmare of losing a child simply because they can’t afford help.

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group of children sitting in hay

There’s More Hay to Haul

UNICEF recently announced that the number of children dying from preventable diseases around the world has dropped dramatically. But there’s more hay to haul.

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Filipino man holding child

“Daddy’s Home!”

Every child should live with the confidence that Daddy is coming home at the end of the day. But the truth is, throughout much of the developing world, little boys and girls never get to run into Daddy’s arms.

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man preaching during church service

You: A Miracle Worker

At Compassion, we have one thing in common: We are all miracle workers because we are all part of this ministry that, around the globe, is preaching the good news to the poor.

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Haitian man wearing construction helmet

Here’s to the Heroes Helping Rebuild Haiti

Two years ago, the earth violently shook in Haiti. It destroyed cities, claimed lives, and separated families. And, like heroes, we responded.

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World Aids Day 2011

World AIDS Day 2011: Small Things vs. Big Things

How can something so tiny that it can only be seen through a microscope can cause irreversible damage to the human body? Yet, to date, over 33 million people—spread out on every continent—are struggling with a tiny little terrorist in their blood streams, attacking healthy cells, breaking down the person’s immunity…and no one knows how to stop it.

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A group of children sitting on the ground

What Is the Opposite of Poverty?

Our ministry often refers to the “opposite of poverty.” And, you might think that we are referring to wealth. The opposite of poor is obviously rich, right?

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three children eating from large bowl

The Thing About Tummy Rubs

Today is World Food Day. A day to realize how blessed we are just for having a chance to eat a meal and get a full tummy.

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drawing depicting a girl daydreaming

Do Dreams Really Come True?

Do dreams come true? Yes. Not by wishing on a star. But through the actions of committed Christians who are willing to live out their faith in practical ways.

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four serious boys

Poverty’s Other Lie

Sadly, millions have bought into the lie of poverty. We see it in sullen, desperate faces and hear it in tearful cries of anguish. Yet poverty’s other lie, the lie believed by some of the wealthiest people in the world, is just as powerful.

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