A Culture of Bride Abduction

bride abduction munk

There was quietness in the wind as Munk recounted her story of pain, betrayal and abandonment. She lifted up her hands, tanned and sun-beaten, to wipe away tears from her eyes.

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A Single Father’s Journey

A man holding a baby

From the Karen tribe, Somporn and his wife Sopak dreamed of having a big family. They planned to spend many sweet long years together, until they grew old. They did not imagine that “’till death do us part” would come so quickly.

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children walking in front of Buddhist temple

Serving Jesus in Lamphun, Thailand

Lamphun boasts of its beautiful Buddhist temples where pilgrims come to offer merits. It is a paradox, however, that the moral ethics of Buddhism have not contributed much to improving the social decadence of the province.

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a group of children holding up bibles

A Bible = Changed Lives

The children looked longingly at the colorful stacks of Bibles in front of them and could hardly wait to lay their hands on one. The noises gradually fell to soft whispers when the first name was called out.

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karen refugees

The Refugees of Sao-Hin

Students followed Jesus’ footsteps, entering a deep jungle near the Thailand-Myanmar border to minister to the children and adults living in Sao-Hin.

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children rolling tires in a race

What’s a Favorite Game for Children in Thailand?

Tire racing is played in the rural areas of Thailand. This game first started with a spare time and a bamboo ring from a used threshing basket.

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woman holding smiling baby

The Pain and Joy of Becoming a Mom

Wongduan wiped beads of perspiration from her brow, rested her hands on her swollen abdomen, and leaned her head against the wall. Feeling nauseated, she closed her eyes, hoping to rest, but the memory of her two miscarried children haunted her.

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