What is the Value of Your Sponsorship?

Young child smiling.

Have you considered how much you mean to your sponsored child?

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Will You Take a Place at the Table?

little girl sitting at a table eating rice and beans from a green plate with a blue cup beside her

Pastor Chris Seay invites you on a journey. A 40-day journey that will disrupt your habits and your rituals. A journey that will help you identify and connect with the poor and the suffering — the ones Jesus loves.

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boy holding metal hoop

How Do You Stay in Your Child’s World?

As a Compassion sponsor I don’t want to only connect with my child when I get a reminder from Compassion. I want to be a sponsor who consistently prays for her children.

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Our Business Model Is Out of Date. Help Us Innovate.

David Kinnaman, President of The Barna Group, recently told an assemblage of more than 100 Compassion employees, “Your business model is out of date.” He didn’t suggest it. He declared it. As fact. He didn’t say it might happen in the future. He said it’s here. He didn’t position it as his opinion to consider. He delivered this “truth” directly, firmly and respectfully. It was refreshing.

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