Team Constellation: Take 2

team constellation group

Last year, you had a chance to meet Team Constellation, our Philippines based contact center made up of adult graduates of our sponsorship program. Now it’s time to dive a deeper into why and how this special team exists at Compassion.

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Who Is Team Constellation?

group of young adults in an office

When you dial our customer service phone number, you have a good chance of being connected with a member of Team Constellation, which is based in the Philippines. Each of the members of Team Constellation are adult graduates of our sponsorship program.

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view of Compassion office building

View from the Contact Center

The more often we can take ownership and responsibility for any action, the more unified we become.

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Compassion global ministry center

The Contact Center: Who Are You Talking To?

We can’t really call ourselves a “call center” any more. Why? Because these days we do much, MUCH more than just take calls.

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smiling girl holding notes

Create WOW Moments

Have you known the joy of receiving a note from a friend, just because they wanted to let you know they were praying for you?

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racks of sorting bins

An Inside Look: Correspondence at Compassion

Since implementing the new online letter writing tool, we receive about 7,000 web letters each day compared to the 1,000 or so we received daily before the tool was implemented.

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hello kitty backpack

Can I Send This Gift to My Sponsored Child?

Our correspondence team receives many gifts from sponsors for their sponsored children that can’t be sent to our country offices. What items can be sent to your sponsored child through the mail?

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Several colored easter eggs

How Do I Share Holiday Traditions With My Sponsored Child?

We often get questions in our contact center regarding different holidays. Things like, “What are some holidays that are special to my child?” Or, “To be sensitive to my child’s culture and customs, are there things I shouldn’t talk about?”

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child holding hand on forehead

A Big-picture Perspective

Becky is going through a difficult time right now. Her husband has survived cancer twice, but the doctors have found another spot on his lung. Scared that the cancer has returned, she described her feelings to me.

“I remember walking around the office and thinking ‘Does anyone know that my world has collapsed today? Does anyone even care?’”

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Tell Us How We’re Doing

Everyone in our contact center wants to provide the best service possible to you, at all times. But at this time, we don’t have a way to measure how we are doing with this.

Please consider this blog post an open forum to let us know about your experiences calling and e-mailing Compassion, good and bad! Whatever you have to say, we want to hear about it.

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