Kids Around the World: Games Children Play in Asia

Four children in matching button-up shirts with brightly colored geoemetric patterns are playing a game where they walk on halved coconut shells, which are attached to ropes that they are holding with their hands.

Games are an important part of Compassion’s holistic child development model. They encourage children to have fun and be active, as well as teach life skills like teamwork, communication, self-confidence, and respect. The games children play at Compassion child development centers across Asia vary from country to country. So let’s look at a few of them.

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Seven Stones: A Traditional Game in India

Traditional Game in India: Seven Stones Handshake

Seven stones is a traditional Indian game that is played across the country. It is somewhat similar to dodge ball but it has extra features and is even more aggressive.

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children rolling tires in a race

What’s a Favorite Game for Children in Thailand?

Tire racing is played in the rural areas of Thailand. This game first started with a spare time and a bamboo ring from a used threshing basket.

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group of young children outside playing games and laughing

Crossing Barriers

Christ entered into our reality — not for an afternoon, but for a lifetime — and not just for a time of joy but also for one of pain.

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children playing game with hankerchief

Good Games for Kids

One good game that kids in the Dominican Republic play is “El Pañuelo” (The Handkerchief). Another is called “El Juego de la Silla” (The Game of the Chair). This is how you play the games …

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