How Does Sponsorship Help Kids Physically?

A boy in a black argyle sweater stands on a scale, smiling.

When you sponsor a child, they are helped in many different ways. Learn how sponsorship helps children develop physically.

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A Staggering Drop in Malaria Deaths in Just One Year

A Staggering Drop in Child Malaria Deaths in Just One Year

Imagine a plague of tiny insects running wild in your community, biting children in their beds while they sleep. Imagine each bite poisoning their blood with deadly parasites. Imagine one child every 30 seconds dying of malaria. Then imagine stopping this killer disease. In one community in West Africa, it was done.

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What Do You Know About Deadly Diseases in the Developing World?

QUIZ: What Do You Know About Diseases in the Developing World?

World AIDS Day is coming up on Dec. 1. This disease affects millions of people and many of the communities and children we serve around the globe. And it’s not alone. Test your knowledge of the health issues and medical conditions confronting children living in poverty with this quiz.

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Most Hated Creature on the Planet

The Most Hated Creature on the Planet

There are some terrifying creatures in our world. Lions and snakes and crocodiles, oh my! Sharks even get their own week of the year. But there is one little pest that is far more deadly than these that has recently been the object of a lot of fear and hate.

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Malaria Prevention Mosquito Net

World Malaria Day: Save a Family Through Malaria Prevention

Instead of showing up to the playground for his morning soccer game, little Mamadou woke with a high fever and began to vomit. His mother, Mariam, rushed him to the doctor. Sitting on the back of the bicycle, clutching his mother’s dress tightly, Mamadou quivered throughout the 10km-long ride from their house to the public health center. His mother had only one thought: She hoped her son did not have malaria.

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child's face

What Are Complementary Interventions?

What are Complementary Interventions? How do Complementary Interventions help children living in the developing world?

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sponsor with their sponsored child

Saddam {it’s more than a sponsorship}

Shauna Pilgreen, in the hospital for an unknown illness, can only think of one thing — her sponsored child Sadaam.

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group of children holding malaria nets

Combating Malaria in Haiti

Malaria, nearly non-existent in many other Caribbean countries, remains the third-leading cause of death among children under 5 in Haiti. Haiti lacks the public health, sanitation and human resources needed to deliver crucial preventive health and medical services to the population.

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Close-up photo of a mosquito.

A Creative Writing Assignment for World Malaria Day 2013

Half of the world’s population, 3.3 billion people, is vulnerable to malaria. And it’s all because of mosquitoes.

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Two children walking on a dirt path.

I Have Malaria (or Thought I Did)

I came home from Ghana with severe chills, headache and a fever. I’d been in Africa two weeks, and these symptoms alarmed me. Could I be infected with malaria?

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group of children sitting in hay

There’s More Hay to Haul

UNICEF recently announced that the number of children dying from preventable diseases around the world has dropped dramatically. But there’s more hay to haul.

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woman sitting between two young men on bench

Three Unexpected Surprises

A trip to Haiti held three surprises for a sponsor-Advocate that will remain in her heart and memory forever.

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