Saddam {it’s more than a sponsorship}

children in uganda A touching message of sponsorship from the Shauna Pilgreen blog.

i’ve just returned from uganda.

i got a bug bite that needed to be drained and was put on an antibiotic during the process so infection would not set in. after seven days into the medication – fever, nausea, shakes, chills, and rash took over me.

a medical team at the hospital, including a tropical disease doctor, worked around the clock to gather blood work, monitor my heart, check my vital signs, and give me plenty of fluids.

i would press a button and a nurse would come to bring a cold cloth or refresh my cup of water. the technician ran a clean ship with her slip covers on everything that touched me. no germs. no way. as a i looked to my right out of the hospital window, i waited for the sun to set or the fog to take over.

tests were being run to see if i had malaria, a parasite, dengue fever. with only the beeping sounds of medical machines and the heavy breathing of my roommate, i laid in silence.

the tears left my eyes, making a trail to my ears. i was thinking of only one thing. saddam…

…saddam. waiting in his very best for us.

his mom greeted us at the door and ushered us to the only seat in the one roomed home…

i asked saddam’s mom,

“your smile is beautiful. what gives you that smile?”

“the grace of God. He is good to me.”

and now i’ve seen two worlds.

the one from which i came with a target store to buy the gifts. fast food chains to satisfy hunger. coffee shops to indulge caffeine habits.

clothing stores reminding me i’m one season behind on the latest trend.

and the one in which i stand with the cares of the world being food for the day.

yet it’s the same grace that flows from the same God to all of us.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Shauna Pilgreen and her husband, Ben live in San Fransisco with their three sons. They sponsor Sadaam in Uganda and you can read more from Shauna at Shauna Pilgreen.

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  1. Stephanie September 1, 2013

    Thank you for sharing about your relationship with Saddam and your visit to UG. I love to read stories of sponsors meeting their children. It is an experience beyond compare!

    1. shauna pilgreen May 11, 2017

      Stephanie, do you sponsor a child? If so, where? These stories are real and the lives of the children so amazing! It’s an honor to partner with Compassion!

  2. kay dallas August 31, 2013

    As always, reading posts from our compassion sponsor’s made me cry. Tears of gratitude, tears of selfishness (my part), tears of joy and tears collected by my Heavenly Father as I pray for Saddam, his family and many more. T hank you

    1. shauna pilgreen May 11, 2017

      Kay, I’m happy to update you that Saddam is doing well. Since I last visited, our oldest son has gone to meet Saddam. All is well for him in Uganda. We praise God for that and continue to ask for protection, strength, wisdom, and his daily bread.

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