Top 10 Compassion Blogs You Loved the Most in 2018

This year, you’ve shared in incredible stories of hope, love and triumph against insurmountable odds.

Together, we prayed for rescue from disastrous cave floods to child slavery. Told personal accounts of overcoming harmful cultural taboos and physical disadvantages. But we also had a lot fun, sharing some of the beautiful places and things the kiddos you sponsor find most special.

Here are the stories you read and shared the most in 2018!

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Compassion’s Top 10 Favorite Instagram Posts of 2018

Our Instagram photos, videos and stories reflect the hope found by children and their families that we serve around the world. Through the love of supporters, Compassion staff and Jesus, they are breaking the chains of poverty. Here are Compassion International’s top 10 favorite Instagram posts of 2018.

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10 Possessions Kids Living in Poverty Treasure the Most

From remote, isolated tribal communities to bustling cities and crowded slums, 10 children in our Child Development Sponsorship Program share the possessions they treasure the most. Their answers are sure to make you smile!

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25 Beautiful Photos of the World’s Favorite Transportation

There are more than a billion bicycles in the world. Used for sport, work and regular old transportation. In the impoverished communities in which we work, a bicycle can mean so much more than just that thing that gets you from point A to point B. Bicycles are sometimes the catalyst for a little hope.

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11 Remarkable Photos of “Tiny Homes” in the Developing World

The tiny house movement that’s sweeping North America is actually nothing new. People have always found peace in the simplicity of tiny homes. Here are some remarkable photos of tiny homes from communities where we work in the developing world.

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Christmas Around The World

Traditions of dancing, singing carols, pageants, parades and nativity scenes fill our holiday season with joy. Uniting us with family, friends and church communities as we remember the birth of Jesus Christ. Enjoy these beautiful photos from our friends celebrating Christmas around the world!

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It’s Time for a Photo Scavenger Hunt

We’re holding a photo scavenger hunt for the rest of July, complete with prizes. So, get your camera (or phone) ready.

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Expand Your World with Our New iPad Magazine

Magazines are fantastic. But, living in this digital age, more and more of us are opting for electronic versions of our favorite reads. And because we want to meet you where you ‘live,’ we created something special — the Compassion iPad magazine!

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Through the Eyes of a Child: Philippines

Photos you send to your sponsored children help them visualize your world and get to know you better. Today, you can see their world through photos taken by six sponsored children in the Philippines.

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The World Through My Eyes: Juan David

We gave 8-year-old Juan David a camera and asked him to take pictures of everything that caught his attention. This is what life in Mexico looks like to Juan David.

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What Does Peru Look Like?

In case you missed it, we’ve captured Peru for you in photo, word and video. And it case you wanted to see it, we’d like to show you what Peru looks like.

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Through the Eyes of a Child: Burkina Faso

We gave several children in Burkina Faso disposable or digital cameras and asked them to take photos of their lives. Looking at these photos, what do you think matters most to the children who took them?

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