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Do you have one of “those” stacks in the corner of your living room? YOU know the one we’re talking about. It’s on the coffee table or next to your favorite chair — it’s the pile of magazines you love but are not sure what to do with!

Magazines are fantastic. But, living in this digital age, more and more of us are decluttering our homes by opting for electronic versions of our favorite reads.

And because we want to meet you where you live, we created something special — Compassion Magazine on iPad.

Now, rest assured non-iPad users, we still offer the print and online versions of our magazine. For those who do use the iPad, this new version allows you to experience great interactive content that the print and online versions cannot. Take a look…

You can also view Compassion International’s iPad Magazine on YouTube.

Compassion Magazine for iPad is free and currently available three times per year in winter (February), summer (June) and fall (October) and the latest edition is now available. To receive the iPad version of Compassion Magazine, go to:

MyAccount –> Magazine Preferences –> Check the box that says “Compassion Magazine iPad Version.”

You shouldn’t have any problems signing up for this resource, but if you do, please call us at (800) 336-7676 or send us an email at [email protected].

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  1. Julie Porter June 11, 2013

    Could I humbly put in a request for a Nook or Kindle version? I can’t afford an iPad!

    1. Jacquie Parella June 11, 2013

      You absolutely can! 🙂 We are looking at the possibility of other electronic versions. There’s no set date yet of when that will be but it is being discussed!

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