11 Remarkable Photos of “Tiny Homes” in the Developing World

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    Terri Paterson July 31, 2019

    Great article! Would love to see an update for last summer’s fund drive to build homes for the seven desperately needy families in Uganda. We contributed and have been waiting for the update.

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      Shannon August 2, 2019

      Hi Terri,

      Check out this awesome update that Compassion Australia gave! Here is a link to their Instagram post! 🙂 https://www.instagram.com/p/B0ffXgDJcLD/

    2. Christina
      Christina August 2, 2019

      Hi Terri! Thank you so much for your generous support of this project! We were able to raise all the funds needed for these families! Please rest assured that we are working on providing an update soon. God bless you!

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    Dody Mitchell July 30, 2019

    I can’t help but look at this and see so many that live here in the U.S. A lack of an indoor toilet is hidden in shame. A lack of running water that is safe to drink is covered over with bottled water. People manage better here it’s true, but it still hits home. I myself have a metal roof and about 50% of my neighbors do too.

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    Paula Jeanne Damien March 13, 2018

    It would be great to have more pictures of sponsored kids housing. Description of their house does not always work and the internet many times does not help. I vote for more pictures of kids housing!!

    1. Christina
      Christina March 13, 2018

      Hi Paula! It truly is amazing to see the homes of the precious kiddos. Thank you for your feedback!

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