The Power of a Mother’s Positive Influence

a boy with his arms wrapped around his mother who is wearing a black baseball cap

Sometimes, the only thing we need to become shining stars is somebody to value us and believe that we can do it.

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Contend as One Man

Three boys sitting at a table looking at three green clay figures

Never forget that we have an opponent: scheming, deceptive, mean. He wants to destroy you. Us. The children. Our partner churches.

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A boy sitting with his legs crossed

Andis’ Story: Forgiving the Father Who Left

Andis’ father walked out on his wife and son when Andis was in second grade. Andis prayed daily for his dad to return. When his father didn’t come home, Andis became angry and tried to forget him.

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crucified Christ

Son of the High Chief

The son of the High Chief, knowingly or not, showed his friends an image of what Jesus Christ did for each of us when He went to the cross. He stood between them and the evil one, who wanted to hurt them.

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