How Do You Make Your Sponsored Child Part of Your Daily Life?

A woman wearing a pink shirt and a young boy in a black shirt smile as they hold up a cake reading

Many of the children in our program think about their sponsor as an extension of their family. Maybe you feel the same way about the child you sponsor. You know you want to pray for him or her daily and write letters often. And through those actions and your financial gifts, you’ll no doubt make a powerful impact on your sponsored child’s life. But … you feel the need to do more. You want to incorporate your sponsored child into your daily life as much as possible. The question is: How?

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How Becoming a Sponsor Gave Me a Heart for Children

Katie writes to her sponsored child while sitting on her couch.

When I felt the Holy Spirit’s promptings to sponsor a child through Compassion almost two years ago, something held me back. It wasn’t timing, finances or a need to do more research. It was a fear that I wouldn’t know how to interact well with a child, let alone a child halfway across the world. Although I was eager to exchange words of love and encouragement with someone living in poverty, I’d never closely related with children before.

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A boy lays on the ground, holding a sparkler and surrounded by Christmas lights.

Celebrating Christmas in El Salvador

It is sunrise on Friday, just a week before Christmas. The morning smells fresh and the sun shines strongly. A light breeze fills the air with that cool Christmas feeling. For a foreigner, it would almost feel like spring, but for Salvadorans, it feels like Christmas.

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A group of people, Ugandans and two Americans, stand outside with grass thatched huts in the background, everyone smiling at the camera.

NFL’s Nate Solder: This Is Why I Play Football

Nate Solder has won two Super Bowls with the New England Patriots and currently plays for the New York Giants. But a life focused on winning and money left him feeling empty and wondering what the point of it all is. Learn what Nate’s life purpose now is … and how a village in Uganda helped him find it.

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two girls holding photos

#SponsorSelfieDay Is Sept.15: Join the Global Movement!

#SponsorSelfieDay is coming on Saturday, Sept. 15. Join the global movement by posting a selfie or video on social media with a photo of the child you sponsor to show how simple it is to help change the life of one child living in poverty!

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Your Selfies Inspired Hope in 2017

Your Selfies Inspired Hope Around the World in 2017

There’s no denying that selfies can be a bit, well, self-centered. But something was different with the pictures posted on #SponsorSelfieDay back in September. They weren’t focused solely on us. We invited others into our photos and it transformed our selfies into something different. We found that when we shift our perspectives just a little bit off of ourselves, there are amazing stories to be discovered.

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My Favorite Thing the Child I Sponsor Wrote Me Was...

My Favorite Thing the Child I Sponsor Wrote Me Was…

A few months ago, we shared with you just how encouraging your letters are to the child you sponsor. This month, we want to flip that. We asked you, on Facebook and Instagram, how the child you’re investing in has encouraged YOU. Here’s what you said!

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Your Selfie Can Help Change the Life of a Child in Poverty

Your Selfie Can Help Change the Life of a Child in Poverty

On Saturday, Sept. 16, post a selfie on social media with a photo of the child you sponsor for #SponsorSelfieDay to show how simple it is to help change the life of a child living in poverty.

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Finish Line


Finishing is an essential lesson for a child to learn in overcoming poverty. And I would contend that it is most powerfully established when sponsors journey alongside a child until the finish line.

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Prayers of a Sponsor Featured

The Instagram Prayers of Sponsors

One Instagram photo sparked an outpouring of likes and comments like we’ve never seen – and the passionate prayers of Compassion sponsors.

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the wise men

Modern-Day Wise Men

The wise men in the nativity came to honor the God-child. You, our sponsors are modern “wise men” who come to honor the God-image in each child.

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power in a name

The Power in a Name

While the significance of a name may not carry as much weight as it previously did in Western culture, one’s name is still the most distinguishing characteristic an individual in a developing country clings to.

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