Your Selfie Can Help Change the Life of a Child in Poverty

#SponsorSelfieDay is coming! It’s one day where Compassion sponsors all over the world share a selfie with a photo of the child they sponsor to show everybody how simple it is to help change the life of a child living in poverty.

Your Selfie Can Help Change the Life of a Child in Poverty

On Saturday, Sept. 16, we’d love you to post a selfie with a photo of the child or teen you are investing in, or a pic of when you met him or her on a sponsor trip, and tell your friends and followers why you sponsor.

More than 900,000 people in the U.S. sponsor children through Compassion. Imagine how many children’s lives we can help change if we all shared about our special relationships with the children we sponsor on one day.

A global movement

The cool part? We’re going global with this. Our friends in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom are involved too. That’s more than 1 million sponsors worldwide!

How incredible will it be to see our global Compassion family flooding social media with how we are all united in releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name? But we need your help. It won’t be the same without you.

Let’s use social media for good and celebrate how the sponsorship relationship is making a difference in the world … one sponsor and one child at a time. Your post might even help a friend decide to sponsor a child, too.

What to do

On Saturday, Sept. 16 …

1. SHARE a photo of the child or teen you sponsor on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

This could be a selfie with the child’s photo, a pic of his or her profile photo, or even a photo of you child’s profile on your fridge. If you took a sponsor trip to meet him or her, share a photo of that special moment!

2. WRITE why you’re a sponsor in the caption.

3. TAG @Compassion and use the hashtag #SponsorSelfieDay.

That’s it! Make sure you tag us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: We’ll be reposting our favorite photos throughout the day. If you want to share beyond your immediate friends, be sure your post’s privacy is set to “public” on Facebook.

Need some inspiration?

Here are examples of what some of our friends have posted about their sponsorship relationships…

Get tagging

Join the Sponsor Selfie Day global Facebook event to mark it on your calendar!

Find us on social media:

What if your friends have questions or want to sponsor?

Here are some handy resources:

Be sure to follow along to #SponsorSelfieDay on Saturday, Sept. 16 and connect with other sponsors just like you!

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  1. Sawyer September 13, 2017

    Hi! I just had a question, could we do this with like a 60 second video as well??

    1. Shannon September 14, 2017

      Hi Sawyer! That would be incredible! The heart of this campaign is simply for sponsors to share why their sponsorship is important to them and, hopefully, to see more children sponsored as result. Whatever way works best for you to do this, would be great! Thank you so much for participating and spreading your sponsorship story! -Shannon

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