How Becoming a Sponsor Gave Me a Heart for Children

We love to hear stories about God changing the hearts of children and sponsors alike. Katie Kortepeter is a writer, sponsor and correspondent to more than 60 children who live in poverty. Until about two years ago, this young professional had no children in her life. Hear from Katie as she shares how becoming a sponsor gave her a heart for children.

Katie writes to her sponsored child while sitting on her couch.

When I felt the Holy Spirit’s promptings to sponsor a child through Compassion almost two years ago, something held me back. It wasn’t timing, finances or a need to do more research. It was a fear that I wouldn’t know how to interact well with a child, let alone a child halfway across the world. Although I was eager to exchange words of love and encouragement with someone living in poverty, I’d never closely related with children before.

Most Compassion sponsors I’ve met have a particular love for children. They work with children or have children of their own. But as an unmarried young professional without nieces, nephews or even babysitting experience, I’ve never had consistent, in-person interaction with kids.

So as I clicked the button to sponsor my first two children through Compassion — Claudia and Hilary — I wondered: “How will I relate to them? What kinds of stories and letters would interest them? What do they need to hear?” And I prayed that God would give me the answers and a heart for “my girls.”

All of a sudden, I had children in my life.

Katie hangs a photo of her sponsored child on her refrigerator.

Throughout the past year and a half, God has answered my prayers beyond my expectations. I now sponsor additional children and write to many more through Compassion’s correspondent program. And I’ve realized that you don’t have to have children of your own, work in child care, or even know any children in person to love and bless children. Although I’m still far from an expert, through the letters I’ve exchanged with the kids I support through Compassion, I’ve finally come to understand on a personal level why children are so special. They not only show me unconditional love, but they’ve repeatedly taught me to look at things in a new way.

Here are a few takeaways from my experience writing to children in poverty:

Children are delighted by the little things.

Little Samuelito in El Salvador wrote me a letter about how he celebrates Christmas, and he mentioned his favorite Christmas dish — pan con pollo (bread with chicken) — in almost every single line. It was clear that he was so excited by the opportunity to have a special meal with his family. Children are enthralled by life’s small gifts — a holiday spent with family, a flower they’ve never seen before, a cherished Bible verse or a new stuffed animal. The children who write to me often express wonder about things that I take for granted. It makes me want to savor each meal, stop to smell the flowers, meditate more deeply on single lines of Scripture, and thank God for the littlest blessings.

Children are incredibly straightforward.

A group of women and children are sitting in a classroom praying. Their eyes are closed and their hands are together in front of their faces. The tables and chairs in the room are green and blue.

Hilary’s first letter to me included a heartfelt prayer request for a deeply painful situation in her family. While I would have waited to share something so personal with someone I’d never met, she was open in a way that made me feel instantly close to her.

Children are often easy to connect with because they don’t hold anything back. They tell us what they need, share their hopes and dreams, and give us their frank opinions. While some of the children I correspond with have taken longer to open up or they write more formally because of cultural differences, most are willing to share their lives with me right away. They’ve challenged me to be more straightforward in my own interactions — to ask for prayer more quickly, to confide without fear, and to express myself with greater clarity and honesty.

Children understand more than we think they do.

Recent letters from kids during the pandemic have shown me that children see and feel the stress and suffering in our world. At the same time, they understand that God is in control. Several children have told me they’re sad that they aren’t in school, and one child expressed his deep disappointment that he couldn’t graduate from elementary school. But all of them asked for prayer for the eradication of COVID-19, showing their understanding that God has ultimate authority and holds the world in his hands.

Children, especially those in poverty, feel keenly that life is full of suffering and disappointment. But their confidence in God’s power and sovereignty inspires me trust him more deeply.

Before two years ago, I didn’t know the first thing about bonding with children. But as it turns out, I didn’t have to know how — the closeness happened naturally, through shared stories, eager questions and responses, and through prayer. I love each of my Compassion kids and thank God daily for what he’s taught me through them. They are the only kids in my life, and their lives have given me a heart for children around the world.  

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  1. Vivian Ngozi Kadiri April 27, 2023

    Hear in Nigeria, I also decided to put smiles on children faces by giving them little gifts that I can afford. I organized a little party for them and am still planning to organize programmes that can help educate, bring out the best in them and help them to be aware of the great virtues in them. I really appreciate this exciting message of yours because it has really encouraged me to go ahead with children’s ministry.

    1. Nicole April 27, 2023

      Hi, Vivian. Thank you so much for sharing how you are caring for children in your community. I am so glad this post has encouraged your own ministry! 💛

  2. Yesenia CHAMBERS January 5, 2021

    I recently signed up to sponsor a child from Ethiopia. I’m beyond thrilled about the opportunity to contribute to her education. I’m looking forward to helping her as well as other children in the future.

    1. Anna January 5, 2021

      Thank you for sponsoring your precious child from Ethiopia, Yesenia! We are so blessed that you are embarking on this sponsorship journey! Your love and support will make such a difference in her life! ?

  3. Sonya Scott November 26, 2020

    I have a little girl in Uganda I’m helping treat her for her aids I just sent her off a birthday present is such a blessing to have babies in your life that love you unconditionally

  4. Mike Crowell November 15, 2020

    Amen! Thank you for sharing Katie! Awesome article.

  5. Kelly Rae November 14, 2020

    Praise God for your willing heart to learn about and encourage so many precious children, whom Jesus loves so dearly! Keep shining His light!

    1. Shannon November 16, 2020

      Kelly Rae,
      Thank you so much for your kind words of support! It means so much to us to have you in our Compassion family!

  6. Larry Budler November 14, 2020

    Thank you for your excitement regarding story telling and letter writing. I have two compassion children for many, many years. I have even developed a very close relationship a child I sponsored after he graduated from compassion. I helped him and his family to weather through the. COVID crisis. It is such a blessing to get weekly telephone (via internet). Bless you and all your efforts.

    1. Shannon November 16, 2020

      Hi Larry,
      Thank you so much for your message! It is so wonderful to hear that you have had two Compassion kiddos, and that you were able to be in touch even after one of your young ones graduated! Thank you so much for choosing to be a blessing to your sweet children and for being part of our Compassion family!

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