Who Is an Orphan?

orphan definition

Africa is home to 59 million orphans. Nelson is one of them. What is an orphan — or how exactly do we define orphan? As we follow Nelson’s journey, we will see multiple definitions of this oft-misunderstood term.

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Joel Macharia: The Best Wealth Kenya Has Is Its Human Capital

Joel Macharia: The Best Wealth Kenya Has is its Human Capital

Director of Compassion Kenya, Joel Machiara shares his perspective on his diverse nation and where its true wealth and potential for change lies.

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Tsehaywota Taddesse: How Shepherding Prepared Me for Leadership

Tsehaywota Taddesse: How Shepherding in Ethiopia Prepared Me for Leadership

Most kindergartners learn their shapes, numbers and alphabet. But Tsehaywota Taddesse, Compassion Ethiopia Country Director, had a different experience in rural Ethiopia: “I attended my kindergarten in a meadow, learning the languages of the sheep and cows.”

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Do They Know It's Christmas?

They Do Know It’s Christmas

It was a perfect December day to listen to Christmas music. I was out running errands, driving in a light, winter snow. A lesser known Christmas song filled the car – “Do They Know it’s Christmas?” I’d heard the song on the radio before. But this time I paid attention to the lyrics. And what I heard stunned and saddened me.

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Most Hated Creature on the Planet

The Most Hated Creature on the Planet

There are some terrifying creatures in our world. Lions and snakes and crocodiles, oh my! Sharks even get their own week of the year. But there is one little pest that is far more deadly than these that has recently been the object of a lot of fear and hate.

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Best Christmas Lyric Featured

The Best Christmas Lyric I’ve Ever Heard

Oh weary soul, we live in a world that is broken. So very broken. It’s disheartening. If I’m honest, sometimes it feels so overwhelming I feel paralyzed to do anything. And it’s the holidays. Lights are up and my days are supposed to be merry and bright. Yet in this season of the world, what is there to be merry about?

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What To Expect When You're Expecting Top Blogs 2015

What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Three women from three vastly different countries and cultures reveal their shared fears and hopes of motherhood as well as the impact of the Child Survival Program.

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Water Isn’t All Africa Needs

When providing clean water to communities in Africa, the conversation can’t stop there. Sanitation education is crucial to sustainable health care.

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Kenyan Terrorist Attack

Kenyan Resiliency: Wounded but Unbowed

In the aftermath of the al-Shabab terrorist attack on Garissa University College, Kenyans have displayed powerful love in tangible ways. Standing in long lines to give blood for the wounded, comforting the grieving, providing supplies for the impacted families and contributing money. One of the most loving and brave things the Kenyans are doing is not surrendering to fear, but choosing life instead.

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world toilet day black

World Toilet Day: Well, This Is Awkward

I love awkward situations. What makes most people squirm makes me break out in a fit of laughter. I enjoy watching people react in uncomfortable situations and don’t mind entering awkward situations myself. At this point, you’re probably asking yourself two questions. How does this woman have any friends? Is she about to ask us something awkward?!? Both valid questions. And sure, now that you brought it up, here’s a potentially awkward question: How do you feel about toilets? That’s right. Toilets.

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ebola clinic

Fear, Ebola and Me

“Are you sure you want to travel there right now? Couldn’t you get… Ebola?” My friend hesitantly asked me this question before my recent trip to Uganda, in Eastern Africa. I found a map and showed my well-meaning friend the actual distance from the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak to Uganda. It’s about 4500 miles, which is well over the distance from California to New York.

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make a difference mark

Do You Make a Difference?

Ever feel that your sponsorship doesn’t matter? That your letters don’t make a difference? That you don’t make a difference?

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